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Twitter FAQ

View Collingwood Media's dossier on the club’s approach to using Twitter, its official Twitter account @CollingwoodFC and how you can use it as a source of Collingwood news and personal interaction with the club and other fans.

Why we use Twitter
We use Twitter as a primary source of relaying fast and concise information to our supporters as well as engaging directly with individual fans. It is an increasingly important way of keeping Collingwood members and supporters in the loop with all the activity in and around the Holden Centre and making them feel a stronger connection to the club they love.

How many Collingwood fans are using Twitter?
Since we began using Twitter in 2009, our official Twitter account @CollingwoodFC has attracted over 100,000 followers.

How does Twitter benefit supporters?
Our official Twitter account is by far the best place for all Collingwood fans to access the latest information from the club as it happens. At any time of the day or year, we may tweet links to news stories on our website, behind the scenes photos, membership information and news from different departments at the club. Our Twitter account represents a 24 hour link to everything that’s happening at the Holden Centre.

Who tweets as @CollingwoodFC?
Collingwood Media manages the club’s official account, working with other areas of the club to ensure that all angles of Collingwood information are covered.

What are Collingwood’s official hashtags?
We love using #sidebyside when the moment calls for it. When we feel like stamping out feet with the fact that we are Collingwood and we are Side By Side with the Magpie Army. When it’s game day we get in game mode and thus #gopies is tweeted with passion. If it’s something to do with 211cm ruckman Mason Cox, don’t be too concerned if you see #mountainscanwalk.

How do you cover the games?
Collingwood does not have a secondary Twitter account that tweets match day specific information.

All of our match information is published on our official account, ranging from score updates, injury news, quarterly stats, periodic commentary on the way the match is being played, insider photos from the Collingwood change rooms and post-match opinion from coach Nathan Buckley and his players.

Why didn’t you reply to my tweet?
We receive hundreds of mentions and requests from our fans so it is impossible to reply to each and every tweet we receive. We endeavour to respond to as many tweets as we possibly can, so please continue to tweet us and let us know how you are feeling about your club.

Why didn’t you retweet my birthday tweet?
We would love to recognise your birthday by retweeting you, but unfortunately it is impossible to accommodate every single request as it would flood our followers timelines. However, are able to reply to birthday related tweets and seek to do so wherever possible.

Which players are on Twitter and how do I follow them?
The majority of the players on Collingwood’s 2016 playing list are actively on Twitter. The players enjoy interacting with their followers and sharing photos and thoughts from their everyday lives. Captain Scott Pendlebury tweets at @SP_10.

Follow our official Collingwood players Twitter list here.

Twitter explained

What does @ mean?
The @ symbol refers to a Twitter user’s handle. In our case, it’s@CollingwoodFC. By putting @ before a user’s handle, it then notifies them that you have sent them a publically viewable tweet. If your tweets are protected, users who are not following you will not see your @replies or mentions (read more).

What is a hashtag and what do all the # symbols mean?
According to Twitter, a hashtag is the # symbol that is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. If you tweet with a hashtag in a public account, anyone who searches for that hashtag may find your tweet. Hashtagged words that become very popular often end up as trending topics (read more).

What Twitter conversations are public and which are private?
A tweet that begins with the mention of an account by using the @ symbol (such as @CollingwoodFC) will only feature on the timelines of users who follow both your account and the account you have tweeted. Any tweet that does not begin with the @ symbol will be publically viewable on the timelines of all your followers. For users who do not wish for their tweets to be made publically viewable (which means they can only be followed by request), please click here to learn more.

Why can’t you reply to my Direct Message?
A direct message (known on Twitter as a DM) is a message that is exchanged by two Twitter users that is not publically viewable. A Direct Message exchange can only be replied to when both users are following each other (read more).

What is Vine?
Vine is a mobile service recently launched by Twitter that allows users to capture and share short looping videos. The videos are short, in the same vein that a tweet must not run for more than 140 characters.

Vine can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Why don’t your Instagram photos show up on my feed?
Unfortunately, Instagram photos are no longer viewable in the Twitter timeline after Instagram dropped support for Twitter cards (which originally displayed Instagram photos once users clicked on a tweet).

Collingwood will still be tweeting links to its Instagram photos. You can follow the club on Instagram by clicking here.