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On This Day: Father and son

"When we got in the car to go home my son said to me: ‘Dad, when I get older, I want to be a football player," wrote Tony Shaw in his season diary On This Day in 1990.

7:46am  Sep 16, 2014

Player Review: No. 7 Ben Kennedy

Ben Kennedy, often Collingwood's go-to man as the team's substitute, featured in six of the last nine senior games.

8:30pm  Sep 15, 2014

Forever Painting: Our giants

A select few of Collingwood's 'giants' feature in Jamie Cooper's Collingwood Forever painting. takes a closer look at them.

12:02pm  Sep 15, 2014

Vintage Collingwood

The Club S2E21: Vintage Brodie Holland

Vintage Collingwood presents Brodie Holland, a favourite of the Collingwood fans who played 119 games for the Magpies between 2001 and 2008.

August 7, 2013  8:32 PM

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