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Photos: Story of the day

Luke Mason  June 12, 2012 11:45 AM

Tensions run high Tensions run high after Fasolo is taken out in the air.

Collingwood comfortably accounted for a determined Melbourne in a spirited Queen's Birthday encounter in crisp conditions at the MCG.

It was the sixth time from their seven matches at the venue this season that the Magpies have played in front of more than 57,000 fans and they didn't disappoint, kicking six goals to nil in the first quarter to stamp their authority on the outcome.

Although the Dees rallied in the remaining three quarters, the damage had been done. Collingwood's class was underlined by its unblemished nine goal final quarter. Dane Swan led the way once again in the midfield, gathering 42 possessions in his first match in three week. Coincidentally, the Pies won by 42 points. All that was needed was for Darren Millane to line up on centre wing.

Ben Sinclair kicked three goals for the second week in succession as he continues to cement himself in the hearts of the Collingwood faithful.

All photos are courtesy of the photographers at AFL Media.

Collingwood 19.15 (129)
Melbourne 13.9 (87)

Goals - Sinclair 3, Wellingham 2, Goldsack 2, Cloke 2, Fasolo 2, Blair 2, Swan 2, Jolly 2, Sidebottom, Beams

Best - Swan, Beams, Sidebottom, Blair, Wellingham, Sinclair, Goldsack, Fasolo

The win wasn't without drama. Alan Didak left the field with what Nathan Buckley described as a less acute version of the groin injury he sustained during the pre-season. All Pies fans will have their fingers crossed for one of Collingwood's finest.

Ben Sinclair quickly turned the attention back to the on field action when he kicked the first goal of the day, one of three for the afternoon.

"Numbers at the ball" preach coaches from the under-9s to the AFL. Clearly the Collingwood players have been paying attention.

But if you're Dane Swan, you can probably get away with it. With your eyes closed. With three opponents around you.

A chat about the price of fish, surely.

Jamie Elliott pauses to collect his breath after a brutal head clash with a Jack Grimes.

He was back on his feet in no time and then made sure Jack Watts lost his with a strong tackle.

Only one player's getting away from this pack with ball in hand, and it's pretty obvious who it's going to be...

Up there Shazaly!

Some Demon fans call Luke Tapscott 'the bull'. Little wonder it took three Magpies to bring him to ground.

No Luke Ball. No Scott Pendlebury. But what of these four gentlemen?

And now for my next trick...

Prime footy card material for 2013.

With photos like these, it makes sense that every second phrase uttered by coaches and commentators circa 2012 is 'contested footy'.

Shades of Jason Cloke in Nathan Brown. Or should that be shades of Brown in Cloke?

Playing from behind or from the front, Tom Young was always there when it came to the crunch.

The not-so-big men fly. Can anyone else see a bit of Michael Tuck in Tyson Goldsack now that he has grown a beard?

That's how you celebrate turning 20.

That's what friends are for. Jarryd Blair remonstrates with Luke Tapscott after he clashed with Alex Fasolo in a marking contest. Side by Side.

Sharrod Wellingham treats Cale Morton to a full-body smother.

"He takes lots of marks, and stops lots of goals. You wish you had Chrissy Tarrant on your football team." (Think of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and you'll get the picture...)

After taking care of business, the Collingwood players celebrate winning their eighth game in as many weeks with their ninth rendition of the famous song for the season. A well-earned bye is next on the agenda before a battle with the West Coast Eagles the following Saturday at the MCG. Go Pies!