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Photos: Friday training at Gosch's Paddock

Luke Mason  January 18, 2013 2:32 PM

Dale Thomas warms up ahead of Friday's training session at Gosch's Paddock.

Dale Thomas warms up ahead of Friday's training session at Gosch's Paddock.

Collingwood’s week on the training track came to a close with a session at Gosch’s Paddock on a windy Friday morning.

The most eye-catching figure out on the ground was ruckman Ben Hudson who has shaved off his trademark beard. The big man went head-to-head with fellow veteran Darren Jolly in several drills, with both players appearing to be in great condition heading into the NAB Cup. has published a photo gallery from the morning’s session, with shots taken by photographer Steve Hamilton and the club’s Digital Media Producer Devlin Moseley.

Sports Scientist Kevin White and Heath Shaw make their way to training. Take note of Heater's inventive method of carting his footy boots around.

Daisy's definitely punching above his weight division here.

Dane Swan sports a tidy haircut.

A contemplative Alan Didak gets set for training.

You want us to run another lap? Seriously?

Andrew Krakouer and Peter Yagmoor slip, slop, slap.

Looks like Jarrod Witts has the eye of the tiger in 2013.

Kyle Martin takes it all in.

Ben Hudson takes off to lead and mark.

It's no laughing matter for Darren Jolly and Kyle Martin but Luke Ball finds it humorous.

Not so fast! Quinten Lynch stops Josh Thomas in his tracks.

Ruck duo Ben Hudson and Darren Jolly wait for the next drill.

The players enjoy some respite from the sun as they jog another lap.

Tim Broomhead is progressing nicely since crossing from South Australia last November.

Ben Kennedy puts his flexibility to the test.

Together we do better.

Nathan Buckley puts the Sherrin on another chest...

...before getting swamped by a stream of players on the way back.

Check out the agility of Mr Lynch!

The ever graceful Scott Pendlebury swings onto the left boot and goes goalward.

Elijah Edwards struts his stuff.

Scott Pendlebury and Jordan Russell lock horns in a staring contest. Looks like Pendles was the winner.

He who digs his footy boots into the ground deepest wins.

AIS-AFL Scholarship holder Tom Boyd (a product of the Eastern Rangers in the TAC Cup) takes on Alan Didak, a man who debuted when Boyd was only six years old.

Nathan Brown goes playing but Dane Swan keeps his eyes on the ball.

The ruckmen become the rovers. It doesn't matter how tall you are, you've gotta be good when the ball hits the deck!

Quinten Lynch gets airborne.

Michael Hartley gives his right foot a solid workout.

Meanwhile, a couple of hundred metres down the road, work continues on the club's new training oval adjacent to the Westpac Centre.

A snapshot of the new training oval as taken from AAMI Park.