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Beams kicks sealer in VFL win

Luke Mason  July 6, 2013 3:38 PM

Dayne Beams and Tyson Goldsack made their long-awaited returns to the playing field when Collingwood’s VFL team beat Box Hill by seven-points on Saturday afternoon.

Beams ended the day with 28 possessions and two goals, the last of which was the goal that sealed the deal for his Magpies. Beams read the ball off the back of a pack at the top of Collingwood's goal square before steadying and dribbling through the match winner on his left boot with only minutes remaining.

Recap's live coverage of Saturday's match in the module below.

Box Hill
           4.5  7.7  8.9  11.14 (80)
Collingwood   3.7  4.7  9.11  12.15 (87)

Goals - Collingwood: Paine 2 Beams 2 Martin 2 Grundy 2 Barden  Richmond  Allan  Mooney
Box Hill: Tobin 2 O'Brien  Harvey  Murphy  Lowden  Lock  O'Donnell  Wanganeen  Johnson  Grimley

Best - Collingwood: Keeffe Clarke Beams Hellier Martin Ramsay
Box Hill: Kelly Litherland Iles O'Donnell Tobin Cheney

Disposals - Collingwood: Clarke 34, Beams 28, Martin 26, Ramsay 26, Broomhead 27

Injuries - Collingwood: Ferguson (leg)

Box Hill v Collingwood
VFL Round 13
Saturday 6 July
Box Hill City Oval, 2pm

Adam Oxley, Nick Riddle, Jackson Heagney-Steart
HB: Jackson Ramsay, Lachlan Keeffe, Peter Yagmoor
C: Jordan Russell, Jack Hellier, Marty Clarke
HF: Tim Broomhead, Corey Gault, Caolan Mooney
F: Tyson Goldsack, Jackson Paine, Ben Richmond
Foll: Brodie Grundy, Kyle Martin, Dayne Beams
Int: Tim Allan, Billy Barden, Lachie Ferguson, Nick Gray, Tom Tyquin

Box Hill
Pratt, Guerra, Litherland
HB: Mirra, Cheney, Kelly
C: Osborne, Iles, Lock
HF: Wanganeen, Gordon, Tobin
F: O’Brien, Grimley, O’Donnell
Foll: Lowden, Langford, Murphy
Int: Weekes, Johnson, Harvey, Wood, Northe, Monkhorst, Graham, Wilsen, Lawlor