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Sam Gastin  January 25, 2016 4:23 PM

Magpies get beanbozzled There were plenty of squirming faces at the Holden Centre on Friday as the Magpies tried their luck in the Beanboozle Challenge.
Brodie Grundy was Collingwood's first choice ruckman for the majority of 2015.

Brodie Grundy was Collingwood's first choice ruckman for the majority of 2015.

Who will take ownership? Who will drive the club’s standards? Who will take initiative? Who will put their ego aside?

As Collingwood prepared to celebrate its season at the 2015 Copeland Trophy, Nathan Buckley picked out a certain group of players and set the bar high.

“Ten of the players before you have been exposed to between 40 and 70 games,” Buckley told the room at the Palladium at Crown.

Taylor Adams, Brodie Grundy, Jamie Elliott, Tom Langdon, Jack Frost, Marley Williams, Ben Sinclair, Alex Fasolo, Jarrod Witts and Jack Crisp are among our young brigade.

“It’s time for this group to fill the void.”

In 2016 Collingwood will have six players within reach of a 50-game milestone. They include Langdon and Frost, as well as ruck duo Grundy and Witts and the traded-in Crisp and James Aish.

236 AFL games have been played between the six young players. Their average age is just over 21 years old, while none of them were born in time to witness Collingwood’s 1990 premiership.

While reaching the most basic of AFL milestones will hardly excite the AFL community, the emergence of this group may be integral to Collingwood’s success in 2016. 

2016 potential Magpie milestones

Should the player in question play every AFL game prior to their milestone, the following rounds will feature 50-game milestones in 2016.

Round Six
West Coast Eagles vs. Collingwood
2:40pm AWST, Sunday 1 May, Domain Stadium (FOX)
Jack Frost: 50 Games (currently 44)

Round Nine
Collingwood vs. Geelong Cats
1:45pm AEST, Saturday 21 May, MCG (Seven)
Brodie Grundy: 50 Games (currently 41)
Tom Langdon: 50 Games (currently 41)

Round Ten
Collingwood vs. Western Bulldogs
3:20pm AEST, Sunday 29 May, MCG (Seven)
Jack Crisp: 50 Games (currently 40)

Round Twelve
Melbourne vs. Collingwood
3:20pm AEST, Monday 13 June, MCG (Seven)
Jarrod Witts: 50 Games (currently 38)

Round Nineteen
Collingwood vs. West Coast Eagles
4:35pm AEST, Saturday 30 July, MCG
James Aish: 50 Games (currently 32)

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