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New podcast: Jock & Journo

Sam Gastin  March 14, 2017 11:45 PM

The Collingwood captain and a leading AFL journalist. 

Sounds like a good match?

It is. 

Fortnightly in 2017, Scott Pendlebury will team up with Jay Clark of the Herald Sun in new Collingwood Media podcast: 'Jock & Journo'. 

Their mission? To openly discuss the biggest issues facing the AFL and others appearing in the broader world of sport. 

Every second Wednesday morning, tune in to to hear the two discuss their opinions in the casual podcast format. 

Things kick off with a bang as the topic of rule changes is raised during episode one. 

A newly appointment AFLPA delegate, Pendlebury shares his opinion on concepts such as a twilight Grand Final, in-season trading and a draft lottery.

You can listen to the podcast below with other topics including: an athlete coffee ban (0:45), pre-season form-guides (2:30), a handballing obsession (5:45), leadership groups gone mad (14:00), the NBA's ball hogs (15:20), Pendles' achilles (18:30), rule change wishlists (20:00) and more.