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4:38pm  Mar 28, 2017

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'He could kick nine or ten'

March 15, 2017 7:39 PM

Cox's unique mark over Goddard A big man, a big mark. Watch Mason Cox take this hanger over Essendon's Brendon Goddard.

According to Scott Pendlebury, Mason Cox might yet kick 10 goals in a single game.

It’s not often a player kicks 10 or more goals in a game.

After all, it has only happened eight times since 2008.

It’s even rarer at Collingwood: Saverio Rocca was the last man to achieve the feat way back in 1998.

So when Scott Pendlebury predicts that it will be Mason Cox who breaks the drought, it’s worth taking notice.

Speaking on Collingwood Media’s new podcast Jock & Journo, Pendlebury told co-host Jay Clark the 211cm big man is proving harder and harder for defenders to curtail.

“On the weekend, the amount of times guys just grabbed on and held him in fear of something he’s going to do…,” Pendlebury mused.

“It’s probably a big call, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did at some stage in his career have a nine or ten-goal game in him.

“He just gets held all the time.

“He has a reach like a sick dog.”

Tune in to listen to that and a whole lot more in the podcast below with other topics including:

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