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Poll: Who compares to Howe?

Sam Gastin  June 17, 2017 1:00 PM

Our best marks so far Watch some of the most exciting passages of play from the first 12 games of Collingwood's 2017 home and away season.

Few can leap like Jeremy Howe.

We knew that even before he climbed onto Tom McDonald’s head and inspected the dust on top of the Great Southern Stand at the MCG on Queen’s Birthday.

However when the speccy bags come out at Collingwood training, Howe isn’t the only man who shows off his aerial skills.

And when it comes to putting practice into action on game day, he’s also not alone.

There’s a fair share of Howe in the above compilation of our best marks in the first half of the 2017 home and away season. But teammates Darcy Moore, Jamie Elliott, Scott Pendlebury and others also make valuable guest appearances.

Your job is to pick the very BEST mark of our season to date.

Is it a matter of picking Howie’s best hanger? Or will you select one of his sidekicks and encourage them to keep flying as the season continues?

Watch above and then vote below. May the best mark win.