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Pressure acts: Goldsack, Maynard and more

Sam Gastin  June 17, 2017 2:00 PM

Our best one-percenters so far Watch some of the most exciting passages of play from the first 12 games of Collingwood's 2017 home and away season.

They’re the moments which fly under the radar. The big hits, chase down tackles and second efforts which often fail to register on the stat sheet.

Yet so often, they have the ability to change a game.

Collingwood has found a new king of the one-percenter in the first half of 2017.

As his AFL career ticks into a third season, Brayden Maynard has emerged as a defensive-half wrecking ball no opponent would want to see coming.

Standing alongside Maynard is an older, yet just as fierce teammate who has also shone in the back half.

After managing just four games in 2016, Tyson Goldsack has this season emerged as one of Collingwood’s most consistent performers.

Both players’ courageous efforts through the first 12 games feature heavily in the video above showcasing the best one-percenters and pressure acts of our season to date.

Who comes out on top? And who else throws their hat in the ring as a hard-hitting Magpie in 2017?

Watch above and then vote below for our best one-percenter of the season so far.