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Sam Gastin  August 9, 2017 4:30 PM

It was the tackle which has led to fierce debate in the football community all week. Brodie Grundy on Ben Brown and the discussion to follow.

Scott Pendlebury may just have the answer to keep players safe on the field. And it’s one from far left-field.


“We all can wear helmets from now on, and have our names on the back of the guernsey so people can identify who’s who,” Pendlebury said on Collingwood Media podcast ‘Jock and Journo’.

“If you want to go down this path and protect the head, we should all wear them like in the NFL.

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The suggestion caught co-host Jay Clark by surprise.

“If that was the rule, would you be happy with that?” a surprised Clark asked.

“Yeah, I’d be happy with that,” the Collingwood captain replied.

The suggestion is just one raised as the ‘Jock and Journo’ team engage in a passionate debate about the future of the tackle and concussion in the AFL.

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Other topics include: 

- 10 hours in a box (0:30),
- pre-commentary nerves (2:00),
- the AFL’s ‘Great Wall of China’ (5:15),
- how far can Richmond go? (9:00),
- an Alan Toovey comparison (10:05),
- dropping Max Gawn (11:00),
- protecting the head (18:00),
- all players in helmets? (21:20),
- which team is becoming irrelevant? (23:45),
- knocking on Tom Lynch’s door (26:00),
- Gold Coast’s next coach (29:00),
- Kochie the ‘loose cannon’ (32:30),
- the pressure on Bucks (34:45),
- new moves from the acting CEO (41:00),
- Mason Cox’s big opportunity (44:20),
- the risk of playing rookies (46:10) and more.