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Sam Gastin  November 13, 2017 10:30 AM

The November sun was beating down as Collingwood's first-to-fourth year players hit the Holden Centre Oval on Monday morning. 

Greeting them was a 2km time trial, the true test of pre-season fitness. 

Shirts quickly disappeared and stopwatches were at the ready. 

And of course Tom Phillips set the pace.

As the group spread and the player's breathing became louder, the third-year midfielder was joined at the front by Josh Smith. James Aish followed, while Brayden Maynard and Rupert Wills fought their own battle not far behind. 

Phillips won narrowly, despite Queenslander Smith quickly closing in the final steps. Aish completed the trifecta, with Wills and Maynard not far behind. 

View all the photos from this morning's time trial in the gallery below. 


Players at the ready. Image: Collingwood Media.


Phillips leads Smith early in the time trial. Image: Collingwood Media.


James Aish creates space. Image: Collingwood Media.


Brayden Maynard runs confidently. Image: Collingwood Media.


Matthew Scharenberg and Darcy Moore. Image: Collingwood Media.


A winner yet again. Tom Phillips sucks in the deep breathes. Image: Collingwood Media.


Tom Phillips and Josh Smith embrace after finishing first and second. Image: Collingwood Media.


Matthew Scharenberg recovers from a gruelling run. Image: Collingwood Media.


Rupert Wills with hands on knees. Image: Collingwood Media.


Levi Greenwood returns for training a week early. Image: Collingwood Media.


Max Lynch and Callum Brown run away from the main group. Image: Collingwood Media.


Chris Mayne back in the swing of things. Image: Collingwood Media.