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McGuire named Australia's Chef de Mission

Collingwood President Eddie McGuire has been appointed Australia's Chef de Mission for the 2014 International Rules Series.

10:42am  Apr 23, 2014

On This Day: Recruit celebrates

New Magpie Patrick Karnezis turns 22, while Doug Barwick sinks four to knock off West Coast.

10:00am  Apr 23, 2014

Pies In Print: Wednesday 23 April

The Age's Jake Niall recognised Nick Maxwell's outstanding start to season 2014 in Wednesday's edition of The Age.

9:01am  Apr 23, 2014

Broadcast Guide

Collingwood v North Melbourne - Round Four

Start Time: Local 13:40, EST 13:40, CST 13:10, WST 11:40

National Television Broadcast Schedule

Victoria: Fox Footy 13:30 (LIVE)
South Australia: Fox Footy 13:00 (LIVE)
Western Australia: Fox Footy 11:30 (LIVE)
New South Wales: Fox Footy 13:30 (LIVE)
Queensland: Fox Footy 13:30 (LIVE)

Tasmania and the Northern Territory have broadly the same telecast times as Victoria. The Australian Capital Territory has broadly the same telecast times as New South Wales. Broadcast times subject to change.

All times are local unless specified. Visit for updates.

Metropolitan Radio Broadcast Schedule

Melbourne: 3AW 12:00-18:00, Triple M 12:00-17:15, ABC 774 12:10-16:30, Grandstand Digital 12:10-16:30
Adelaide: Triple M 11:30-16:45, ABC891 12:35-16:00 Gstand Digital 12:35-16:00 FIVEaa 12:00-16:00
Perth: Triple M Digital 10:00-16:00, ABC720 11:30-14:30, Gstand Digital 11:30-14:30, 6PR 11:35-14:20
Sydney: Nil
Brisbane: ABC612 13:30-16:30, Gstand Digital 13:30-16:30
Canberra: ABC666 13:05-16:30, Gstand Digital 13:05-16:30
Hobart: Heart FM 12:00-17:15, ABC936 12:10-16:30
Darwin: ABC105.7 12:35-16:00

Regional Radio Broadcast Schedule

Victoria: 3BO Bendigo 12:00-17:15, SUNFM, Mildura 12:00-17:15, 95 3SR Shepp 12:00-17:15, ABC VIC 12:10-16:30, Crocmedia 12:00-16:25, KROCK 12:00-17:30
South Australia: ABC SA 12:35-16:00, 5SE Mt Gamb 11:30-16:45, Crocmedia 11:30-15:55
WA: ABC WA 11:30-14:30, Crocmedia 10:00-14:25
New South Wales: 105.7 Albury 12:00-17:15, 2RG Griffith 12:00-17:15, 2CS Coffs Harbour 12:00-17:15, WG Wagga 12:00-17:15, Crocmedia 12:00-16:25
Queensland: Crocmedia 12:00-16:25, ABC QLD 13:30-16:30, 93.5 Coast FM 13:30-16:30
Australian Capital Territory: ABC ACT 13:05-16:30
Tasmania: ABC TAS 12:10-16:30, Crocmedia 12:00-16:25
Northern Territory: ABC NT 12:35-16:00, Crocmedia 11:30-15:55

International Streaming

Overseas supporters can watch every minute of every game from anywhere in the world (excluding Australia and New Zealand). Matches are available live or on demand via your desktop, tablet and mobile.

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