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What Millane's mates say about him

Twenty five years on, Glenn McFarlane shares some reflections from the late Darren Millane's teammates.

11:29am Oct 7, 2016


A forgotten Copeland winner

Jack Murphy wasn't just Jock McHale's nephew. He was a Copeland Trophy winner during one of Collingwood's most difficult decades.

8:00am Oct 7, 2016


Copeland stories: Wes Fellowes

Wes Fellowes was in many ways a football enigma at Collingwood, writes the Herald Sun's Glenn McFarlane.

10:46am Oct 4, 2016


1986: Where are they now?

Find out what the men who made up Collingwood's under 19s premiership team of 1986 are up to, thirty years after their triumph.

9:20am Sep 29, 2016


Under 19s, 30 years on

Reflections on an under 19s flag that fueled Collingwood's drought breaking success four years later.

12:30pm Sep 27, 2016


Nuts still rules the roost

Tony Lockett might have claimed his goal kicking record, but there's one record Gordon Coventry holds that will stand the test of time.

11:09am Sep 7, 2016


Swanny's 43 in a final

One thing missing from the glowing Dane Swan tributes on his retirement last week was a little-known record that few people realise he even holds, and one that he might keep for some time to come.

9:41pm Aug 31, 2016


When BT topped the ton

Brian Taylor needed two goals in the final game of the home and away season to become the 10th Collingwood player to reach a century of goals in a season. What could possibly go wrong?

11:43am Aug 17, 2016


"I'll spew up"

The last time the Magpies and the Bulldogs met during an Olympics, the teams fought out a thrilling finish made famous by Terry Wallace’s post-match comments.

11:45am Aug 10, 2016


A final quarter comeback

It was 23 minutes into the third quarter of Collingwood's round four Easter Monday clash with Richmond in 1987, and more than a few Magpie fans began to make their way towards the exits.

11:45am Aug 3, 2016


Dethroning the King

The day Collingwood conquered one of the AFL's greats.

11:45am Jul 20, 2016


Road worriers to road warriors

Collingwood, and Mick Malthouse, had a plan at the start of the 2001 season – as a team, they had to learn to win on the road or run the risk of being also-rans for the foreseeable future.

11:45am Jul 13, 2016


A kid named Treloar

It was a rare moment in the heat of battle where an experienced star gave his talented young opponent some advice on how to potentially win the next clearance.

11:45am Jul 6, 2016


Our greatest ever quarters

Would it surprise you to know that, statistically, the Magpies' most productive quarter came against Carlton?

1:45pm Jun 29, 2016


Pies salute win No. 1500

Friday night's win over Fremantle was Collingwood's 1500th since the VFL/ AFL began in 1897.

12:40pm Jun 25, 2016


Collingwood's most popular surname

Josh Smith is carrying on a tradition that stretches back to Collingwood's very first game 124 years ago. No other surname in the history of the club has had as many players wear the black and white jumper, with a total of 12 Smiths representing Collingwood in a senior game.

11:45am Jun 15, 2016


The Mark of the Year that wasn't

When Chris Tarrant launched himself into a pack of players in front of him, he put a down payment on the Mark of the Year by dragging down the Sherrin with him.

11:45am Jun 8, 2016


"This is the game right here"

With their season on the line, the Magpies of 2006 ventured to Football Park to meet Port Adelaide on a night of high drama.

11:45am Jun 1, 2016


"The bravest man I’ve ever known"

So much of the focus on Robert Rose‘s life centres on the tragic turn of events that followed one night in February 1974, but what should never be lost was what came before it, and what fine young sportsman he was.

3:37pm May 25, 2016


Daicos v Ablett: One final showdown

When Collingwood met Geelong in 1993, it wasn't simply one team against another; for much of it, this was Daicos versus Ablett.

2:36pm May 18, 2016