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The electrifying eighties

In 2018, Collingwood Media plans to transport you back in time each week for a blast from the 1980s past, profiling a player who made an impact for one reason or another during that decade. They might not have all been stars, but each contributed to one of the club’s most tumultuous periods.

3:15pm Mar 21, 2018


Headlines No. 2 - The Greening Incident

Of the thousands of injuries suffered by Collingwood players across 125 years of competition, none has been as serious or as shocking as the one suffered by John Greening in 1972.

10:05am Aug 30, 2017


Headliners No. 3 - McHale departs

Jock McHale coached Collingwood for 38 seasons, or the best part of almost 14,000 days; his successor lasted less than a week.

9:23am Aug 23, 2017


Headliners No. 4 - Season 1982

Collingwood lost much more than just the Grand Final in 1981, for the result ripped apart the sense of unity the Magpies proudly displayed through Tom Hafey's time as coach.

9:01am Aug 16, 2017


Headliners No. 5 - Stars on strike

Two of Collingwood's most important players - its captain Des Tuddenham and star ruckman Len Thompson - stunned the club and football world when they went "on strike" over a pay dispute during the 1970 pre-season.

9:00am Aug 9, 2017


Headliners No. 6 - The toughest year

Collingwood supporters had long been proud of the fact that for more than the first 80 years of the club's history it had never "won" a wooden spoon. That was, until, 1976.

12:00am Aug 1, 2017


Headliners No.7 - A stand at Victoria Park

Sometimes it takes one act of defiance and one moment of pride to enact a tidal wave of change. This happened at Victoria Park in April, 1993.

2:00pm Jul 25, 2017


Headliners No. 8: A Magpie handover

Few off-field moments in Collingwood's modern history have had as much impact or caused as much debate as the coaching succession plan of 2009.

7:30am Jul 19, 2017


Headliners No. 9: Our most tumultuous hours

As far as seismic days in the 125-year history of the Collingwood Football Club, it is difficult to imagine a day of greater upheaval than Monday 14 April, 1986.

8:00am Jul 12, 2017


Headliners No. 11: The suspensions

Some of Collingwood's biggest names have fallen foul of the league's tribunal in spectacular circumstances.

11:00am Jun 28, 2017


Headliners No. 12: Two heroes quit

There was always going to be fallout from losing what seemed to be an unlosable 1970 Grand Final. But what took place the following year was almost unthinkable.

9:00am Jun 21, 2017


Headliners No. 13: The defections

Collingwood fans had every reason to think the 1940s might prove as fruitful as the previous decade, given its impressive playing list and the fact the club had played in the previous five Grand Finals.

1:00pm Jun 14, 2017


Headliners No. 14: Eddie takes over

For a football club so accustomed to bitter elections and boardroom brawls, what happened at Victoria Park in late 1998 was almost un-Collingwood-like.

4:30pm Jun 7, 2017


Headliners No. 15: A bitter election

While Collingwood has endured its fair share of combative election fights across 125 years, none of them have been as bitter or as personal as what occurred in the 1963 elections.

9:30am May 31, 2017


Headliners No. 20: A life ban

A Collingwood footballer banned for life. Just imagine the frenzy a news story carrying that headline would generate if it happened in the 21st century.

10:34am Apr 26, 2017


Headliners No. 21: The Grand Final furore

Collingwood and Carlton co-existed in a relatively peaceful relationship for almost the first 20 years of competition against each other, until everything changed on 1 October 1910.

9:07am Apr 19, 2017


Headliners No. 23: Pre-season shock

The suspension of two young Magpies on the eve of the 2015 season was one of the biggest stories in the club's modern history.

8:02am Apr 5, 2017


Headliners No. 24: Leaving Vic Park

As we count down the 25 biggest, most explosive news stories in Magpie history, Glenn McFarlane turns the torch towards Collingwood's departure from Victoria Park.

3:11pm Mar 29, 2017


Headliners No. 25: McKenna snubbed

To help mark Collingwood's 125th anniversary season, we're counting down the 25 biggest, most explosive news stories in Magpie history. This week, we start with the elevation of a teenager ahead of a legendary forward.

2:51pm Mar 22, 2017


What Millane's mates say about him

Twenty five years on, Glenn McFarlane shares some reflections from the late Darren Millane's teammates.

11:29am Oct 7, 2016