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Camp Utah Hub 2012

The Club S2E1: Camp Utah

The Club returns for its second series, taking you from the end of the 2012 season to Camp Utah.

March 23, 2013  1:02 PM

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The Club S2E1: Camp Utah

1:02pm Mar 23, 2013

Camp Utah: Young's road back

8:44pm Dec 18, 2012



Utah: The Top 10 Photos has chosen the top 10 photos from the Magpies' high altitude training camp as shared by the players on social media.

12:23pm Dec 24, 2012


Tackling the University of Utah

Collingwood trained at the University of Utah's American football practice facility on day 14 of its high altitude training camp.

2:11pm Dec 19, 2012


Heavy lifting in Utah

Monday's schedule for the Utah-based playing group was all about the summer months, upper body weights and beach curls.

12:15pm Dec 18, 2012


Utah Photos

After a much-needed day off from training, the playing group returned to the training track and was faced with one of the toughest sessions yet.

2:41pm Dec 17, 2012


Utah Photos: Ropes course

The Collingwood players went more than 50 feet above ground level when they took on the Utah Olympic Park high ropes course.

2:24pm Dec 15, 2012