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Balme: Fourth concussion a concern

Neil Balme says Ben Sinclair will not be rushed back into full playing duties as the 24-year-old recovers from his fourth concussion of the season.

4:53pm  Jul 25, 2016

How to break the first-quarter curse

Steele Sidebottom says the Collingwood players were ready and aware of a fast North Melbourne start on Friday night at Etihad Stadium.

9:07am  Jul 25, 2016

Q&A: Pendlebury goes live post-match

Watch Scott Pendlebury's live post-match Q&A with members and supporters on his official Facebook page.

1:41am  Jul 23, 2016

Get the latest from the medical room at the Holden Centre thanks to Blackmores. Director of Football Neil Balme last discussed the health of the list on Monday 25 July.

Ben Sinclair (concussion)
It was very brave, as he usually is, but unfortunately he knocked himself out. He’s actually come up pretty well. He had to go to hospital for precautionary reasons after the game. He’s now feeling pretty well. He was at training today and he’s actually going quite well. Obviously we’re very concerned about the whole concussion thing. He’s now had three or four this year. It’s not an easy thing to overcome. He may be feeling well enough to play on the weekend, but I think it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll ask him to do that. It’s really a matter of how he’s feeling. We need to go through a range of things to make sure he can play safely. We’ll miss him as a player. He’s been very importance to us. Obviously the concussion thing is more important than just a game or two. We’ll consider him only a short term risk at the moment and (will) just see how he goes... Keep your fingers crossed on him.

Brayden Sier (back)
Brayden Sier had a concussion but he’s passed his concussion tests. He didn’t play on the weekend because the VFL had a bye. Funnily enough, he was in the gym and slightly hurt his back. He may well be out for this week. He’s actually going fairly well, but with that back thing we’ll be pretty conservative as well. More than likely he won’t play this week.

Jarrod Witts (finger)
Jarrod Witts compound dislocated his finger two weeks ago. He had a bit of surgery on it to make sure he didn’t get another infection like last time he hurt his hand. There’s a reasonable chance that he might miss this week as well. He could well get up, but it’s more likely that we won’t put that sort of pressure on him. He will be short term as well.

Tom Langdon (knee)
Tommy Langdon has had a tough year with ankle, knee – the whole thing. He’s had his knee re-done. He’s certainly still very much medium term, probably long term. I don’t think we’ll be expecting to get much out of him this year. He’s going okay, but we just want him to settle down. - 18 July

Jamie Elliott (back)
Jamie Elliott’s back is similar. He’s in pretty good shape now. He’s progressing, but he’s certainly very much long term still. - 18 July

Jackson Ramsay (knee)
Jackson Ramsay’s knee is the same. He’s very much long term. He’s going pretty well but he won’t play this year. - 18 July

Matthew Scharenberg (knee)
Matthew Scharenberg is a bit in front of Jackson. He’s going along very well. I don’t think we’ll put any pressure on him to try and play this year either. He’s very much long term also, but he is going well and should have a full pre-season in front of him one would hope. - 18 July

Dane Swan (foot)
Swanny is actually improving. He’s weight-bearing. He’s got a long way to go with that so he’s certainly very much long term. We’ll keep you informed with how he goes, but we won’t know for some time. He’s up and about and we’re hoping he comes through pretty well. - 18 July

The Blackmores injury update explained
A short-term injury indicates that there is some chance a player will play in the VFL or AFL on the coming weekend, but it is more likely that they won't.

If a player has sustained a medium-term injury, it is considered that he will require more than a two weeks to return to the VFL or the AFL, but the club is unsure exactly how long it will be.

If a player has sustained a long-term injury, that means it will be more than six weeks until they play football at either VFL or AFL level.

"We normally talk about how many weeks players are going to miss, but we never know for sure," Director of Football Neil Balme explained.

"It’s always a bit of a guess. This stops us from saying two-to-three weeks, which then turns into 18 weeks, which can quite often happen."

Balme concerned over concussion

Neil Balme delivers the latest news on Ben Sinclair and the other players on the injury list ahead of Collingwood's round 19 clash with West Coast.

July 25, 2016  4:00 PM

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Balme: Fourth concussion a concern

Neil Balme says Ben Sinclair will not be rushed back into full playing duties as the 24-year-old recovers from his fourth concussion of the season.

4:53pm Jul 25, 2016


Long-term injuries assessed

Collingwood director of football Neil Balme has provided an update on the health of players on the long-term injury list, such as Dane Swan, Jamie Elliott, Tom Langdon, Jackson Ramsay and Matt Scharenberg.

6:56pm Jul 18, 2016


Fasolo to prove fitness for Crows clash

Alex Fasolo and Brayden Sier will face fitness tests this week as Collingwood's injury list continues to shorten.

4:47pm Jul 11, 2016


Six Magpies face fitness tests

Taylor Adams and Alex Fasolo are among six Magpies who will attempt to prove their fitness before facing the GWS Giants on Saturday.

6:01pm Jul 4, 2016


Duo ready to strengthen forward line

Darcy Moore and Tim Broomhead are likely to return from injury this weekend, either via the VFL or in Collingwood's clash with Carlton at the MCG.

7:57pm Jun 27, 2016


Elliott on the road to recovery

Jamie Elliott believes he remains a chance to play again in 2016 as he continues to recover from the back injury which has kept him sidelined this year.

8:32pm Jun 16, 2016


Five players close to a return

A number of Collingwood players currently on the injury list may be close to a return after Neil Balme downgraded their injury status to short term.

7:29pm Jun 16, 2016


Howe faces fitness test

Jeremy Howe remains a chance to play against his old side Melbourne if he passes a fitness test on two separate injuries.

5:27pm Jun 7, 2016


Injuries: Four to be assessed

Four Collingwood players finished the match injured as the Magpies went down to the Western Bulldogs at the MCG on Sunday.

11:21pm May 29, 2016


Surgery required for injured forward

Jamie Elliott will have surgery on his troublesome back after consulting with a specialist on Monday.

5:37pm May 23, 2016


Two talls set for Saturday

Two of Collingwood's bookends are expected to take the field on Saturday against Geelong after being cleared of serious injury.

6:24pm May 16, 2016


Cloke quashes rumours

Axed Collingwood forward Travis Cloke has dispelled rumours he is considering leaving the Holden Centre.

7:00pm May 9, 2016


Reid cleared of serious shoulder injury

Ben Reid may take on Brisbane at the Gabba on Saturday night after being cleared on any serious shoulder injury.

6:01pm May 9, 2016


Four Magpies to face fitness tests

Taylor Adams is one of four Magpies set to undergo fitness tests before Collingwood's clash with Carlton on Saturday afternoon.

7:12pm May 3, 2016


Varcoe in doubt to travel west

Travis Varcoe may be sidelined for the second time this season, with Neil Balme stating the club would take a conservative approach with a hamstring injury he sustained on ANZAC Day.

7:15pm Apr 27, 2016


Talls to undergo fitness tests

Travis Cloke remains a chance of representing Collingwood on ANZAC Day despite injuring his elbow against Melbourne.

6:46pm Apr 19, 2016


Williams suffers 'medium term' injury

Defender Marley Williams will be restricted to the sidelines after injuring his foot in the second quarter against St Kilda on Saturday.

9:36pm Apr 11, 2016


Young Pie's ACL tear confirmed

Collingwood defender Jackson Ramsay has ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

5:47pm Apr 7, 2016


Swan surgery date confirmed

Dane Swan will this week have surgery on his broken foot and leg. Neil Balme provides an update on Swan and other key Magpies in this week's Blackmores Injury Update.

6:13pm Apr 4, 2016


'Courageous' Fasolo's lucky escape

Neil Balme says Alex Fasolo is in the frame for round two selection, despite the forward's dramatic fall during Saturday night's loss to the Swans.

11:32am Mar 30, 2016