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Collingwood's 2016 VFL Fixture

Match Date Time Venue Collingwood AFL Fixture
- - - - NAB Challenge
Geelong v Collingwood, Simonds Stadium, Fri 26 Feb, 7:10pm
Practice Match No. 1
Collingwood v Werribee
Sun 6 Mar 1:00pm Holden Centre NAB Challenge
North Melbourne v Collingwood, Wagga Wagga, 4.40pm, Sat 5 Mar
Practice Match No. 2
Collingwood v Footscray
Sat 12 Mar 4:00pm Holden Centre NAB Challenge
Western Bulldogs v Collingwood, Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm, Sat 12 Mar
Practice Match No. 3
Collingwood v Coburg
Sat 26 Mar 3:00pm Holden Centre Round 1
Sydney v Collingwood, ANZ, 7.25pm, Sat 26 Mar
Practice Match No. 4
Geelong v Collingwood
Sat 2 April 12.00pm Simonds Stadium Round 2
Collingwood v Richmond, MCG, Fri 1 April, 7.50pm
Round 1
Port Melbourne v Collingwood
Sun 10 April 11:40am North Port Oval Round 3
St Kilda v Collingwood, MCG, Sat 9 April, 1.45pm
Round 2
Collingwood v Casey Scorpions
Sun 17 April 12:10pm Holden Centre Round 4
Collingwood v Melbourne, MCG,
Sun 17 April, 3:20pm
Round 3
Essendon v Collingwood
Sun 24 April 2:10pm Victoria Park Round 5
Essendon v Collingwood, MCG
Mon 25 April, 3:20pm
Round 4
Northern Blues v Collingwood
Sat 30 April 2:00pm Preston City Oval Round 6
West Coast v Collingwood, DS
Sun 1 May, 2:40pm
Round 5
Collingwood v Sandringham
Sat 7 May 4:50pm Holden Centre Round 7
Collingwood v Carlton, MCG
Sat 7 May, 1:45pm
Round 6
Geelong v Collingwood
Sat 14 May 1:00pm Simonds Stadium Round 8
Brisbane v Collingwood, Gabba,
Sat 14 May, 7:25pm
Round 7
Collingwood v Williamstown
Sat 21 May 5:15pm Holden Centre Round 9
Collingwood v Geelong, MCG, Sat 21 May, 1:45pm
Round 8
- - - Round 10
Collingwood v Western Bulldogs, MCG
Sun 29 May, 3:20pm
Round 9
Werribee v Collingwood
Sat Jun 4 2:00pm Avalon Airport Oval Round 11
Collingwood v Port Adelaide, MCG, Sun 5 Jun, 1:10pm
Round 10
Casey Scorpions v Collingwood
Sat 11 Jun 2:10pm Casey Fields  Round 12
Melbourne v Collingwood, MCG,
Mon 13 Jun, 3:20pm
Round 11
BYE BYE BYE Round 13
Round 12
Collingwood v Richmond
Sun 26 Jun 2:10pm Victoria Park Round 14
Collingwood v Fremantle, MCG, Fri 24 Jun, 7:50pm
Round 13
Collingwood v Northern Blues
Sat 2 Jul 4:00pm Holden Centre Round 15
Carlton v Collingwood, MCG, Sat 2 Jul, 7:25pm
Round 14
North Ballarat v Collingwood
Sun 10 Jul 1:00pm Eureka Stadium Round 16
GWS v Collingwood, Spotless, Sat 9 Jul, 1:40pm
Round 15
Frankston v Collingwood
Sun 17 Jul 2:00pm Frankston Oval Round 17
Adelaide v Collingwood, Adelaide Oval, Sat 16 Jul, 7:10pm
Round 16
BYE BYE BYE Round 18
North Melbourne v Collingwood, Etihad Stadium, Fri 22 Jul, 7.50pm
Round 17
Collingwood v Geelong
Sat 30 Jul 12:00pm Victoria Park Round 19
Collingwood v West Coast, MCG, Sat 30 Jul, 4:35pm
Round 18
Collingwood v Coburg
Sat 6 Aug 1:00pm Holden Centre Round 20
Richmond v Collingwood, MCG,
Sat 5 Aug, 7:50pm
Round 19
Collingwood v Port Melbourne
Sat 13 Aug 1:00pm Victoria Park Round 21
Western Bulldogs v Collingwood, Etihad Stadium,
Friday 12 Aug, 7:50pm
Round 20
Box Hill v Collingwood
Sat 20 Aug 1:00pm Box Hill City Oval Round 22
Collingwood v Gold Coast, Etihad Stadium, Sat 20 Aug, 7:25pm
Round 21
Footscray v Collingwood
Sat 27 Aug 12:00pm Whitten Oval Round 23
Hawthorn v Collingwood, MCG, TBC
Finals, Week 1

TBC TBC TBC Bye - Top Eight
Finals, Week 2 TBC TBC TBC Finals, Week 1
Finals, Week 3 TBC TBC TBC Finals, Week 2
Grand Final TBC TBC TBC Finals, Week 3
- - - - Grand Final

*All times are local to the city of origin.