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Victoria Park destined for more action

President Eddie McGuire told members at last night's AGM that plans are in place to play AFL Women's games at Victoria Park in 2018.

9:00am  Feb 28, 2017

Four new Life Members

The Collingwood Football Club has unveiled three members of its 2010 premiership team and a club Patron as its 2016 Life Members.

6:59pm  Feb 27, 2017

Life Member: Mick Malthouse

He coached the club in 286 games between 2000 and 2011. Now, in 2017, Mick Malthouse has become a Life Member of the Collingwood Football Club.

6:56pm  Feb 27, 2017

Press Conferences

JLT: Buckley reviews recruits

Watch Nathan Buckley's press conference after Collingwood's win over Essendon in the opening round of the JLT Community Series.

February 17, 2017  12:44 AM

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JLT: Buckley reviews recruits

12:44AM Feb 17, 2017

Pendles talks finals and 2017

7:21PM Nov 22, 2016

'We're on our way back"

8:19PM Aug 28, 2016

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2:29PM Aug 25, 2016

Buckley responds to the media

10:38PM Aug 20, 2016

Buckley reflects on Friday's loss

11:48PM Aug 12, 2016

'Our worst quarters all year'

12:06AM Aug 6, 2016

'In the eye of the storm'

2:30PM Aug 2, 2016

Buckley responds to the win

8:53PM Jul 30, 2016

Buckley: There's work to be done

1:00PM Jul 28, 2016

Buckley reviews Saturday's win

6:04PM Jul 9, 2016

Buckley reviews Saturday's win

12:50AM Jul 3, 2016

Buckley responds to Monday's loss

7:40PM Jun 13, 2016

Buckley on injuries and defeat

6:59PM May 29, 2016

'The next step on our recovery'

12:00AM May 15, 2016

'A lot of work to do'

8:09PM Apr 25, 2016

Buckley: 'We're in it together'

7:51PM Apr 17, 2016

Full Press Conference: Part II

2:26PM Aug 10, 2015

Full Press Conference: Part I

2:24PM Aug 10, 2015

Buckley: Discovering the solution

3:58PM Jul 22, 2015

Swan: 'Group as tight as 2010'

5:46PM Jul 7, 2015

'We need to dictate our terms'

3:45PM Jul 1, 2015