Peter Murphy

Board Member

Peter Murphy is an entrepreneur and philanthropist passionate about empowering individuals to chase their dreams and change the world.

Murphy distinguished himself as a leader in the corporate world from a young age, and has a strong leadership and management record of high performance across a range of organisations.

Murphy founded PAN Australia Group as the combination of decades of work to unlock the amazing potential of people and ideas to affect positive change.

His mantra is M.A.D. (Make A Difference), which combines his business acumen, with seminal experiences working in communities that face far greater challenges than he ever imagined.

Further to this, he understands the impact that business can have in changing the world for good.

PAN is not an investment firm but a way of thinking that challenges paradigms and the conventional way of doing business. 

Murphy is also the Global Chair of Global Citizen, and a trustee and Chair of the Collingwood Football Club Foundation.

He was elected to the Collingwood board on February 13, 2019.