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Post Match: Roaming Brian

7:27pm  Aug 24, 2019

Post Match: Nathan Buckley

1:00am  Aug 24, 2019

Post Match: Chris Mayne

11:32pm  Aug 23, 2019

Post Match: Rupert Wills

11:24pm  Aug 23, 2019

Post Match: Jamie Elliott

11:11pm  Aug 23, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Denis O'Callaghan

The Herald Sun's Glenn McFarlane looks back at the career of a very reliable defender from the bush

9:12pm Aug 14, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Con Britt

The Herald Sun's Glenn McFarlane profiles a player who was often mistaken for Des Tuddenham

2:54pm Aug 7, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Rod Oborne

Rod Oborne didn't quite reach the heights his early promise forecast at Collingwood, but the stylish half forward/utility still managed to make a real impression across six-and-a-half senior seasons

2:07pm Jul 31, 2019


Oldest Magpie turns 95

Collingwood's oldest living past player, Bill Welsh, turns 95 on Saturday – and he's already received the best present imaginable

9:51am Jul 31, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Derek Shaw

Derek Shaw was one of five Shaws to represent Collingwood at senior level through the late 1970s and early '80s, though he was different from the rest

3:55pm Jul 24, 2019


History: The 'Peace Premiership'

It's 100 years since the Magpie grabbed the first post-War flag with a win over Richmond. Club Historian Michael Roberts tells us how the Pies triumphed in 'the Peace Premiership'

1:34pm Jul 23, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Alan Atkinson

Alan Atkinson represented Collingwood at senior level on 134 occasions, but the high-flying, speedy wingman is best remembered for one moment

6:17pm Jul 17, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Leigh Carlson

The Herald Sun's Glenn McFarlane looks at the Collingwood career of Leigh Carlson

2:56pm Jul 4, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Graeme Anderson

Even though he played only 71 games for Collingwood across six seasons at Victoria Park, the highly-talented, neatly-balanced Graeme Anderson always looked dangerous with the ball in his hands

3:14pm Jun 26, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Robert Hyde

Footy can sometimes be a cruel game, and it was for Robert Hyde while he was at Collingwood

11:48am Jun 19, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Peter Eakins

For a footballer who played only 32 games for Collingwood across three injury-interrupted seasons, Peter Eakins undoubtedly left his mark on the Magpies

1:03pm Jun 13, 2019


Sensational Seventies: Russell Ohlsen

If it hadn't been for a wayward forearm which came into contact with his head, Russell Ohlsen might have ended up a Collingwood premiership hero

12:22pm Jun 5, 2019