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Collingwood's trade history

Shane Woewodin runs a lap of Princes Park during his first pre-season as a Magpie. He was acquired from Melbourne during trade week in October 2002. has published a history of the Magpies' record at the trade table since the competition became national in 1986. The first player released in a trade was 45-gamer Matthew Ryan who joined Sydney at the end of 1989, while 1985 Brownlow Medallist Brad Hardie was the first player to join the club directly via a trade at the end of 1991.

Current CEO Gary Pert and senior coach Nathan Buckley were also secured during trade periods in the early 1990s.

Many believe that Collingwood's best deal was done in 2000 when the Pies welcomed Fremantle pair James Clement (146 games, two Copeland Trophies) and Brodie Holland (119 games, runner up in the 2005 Copeland Trophy) in a complicated swap that is explained below.

You can read about the Clement/Holland deal as told through the eyes of Glenn McFarlane here.

As you digest the trades below, keep in mind that the recruiting landscape during the late 1980s to mid 1990s was far removed from the scientific approach that clubs take circa 2014.

*Note: The numbering of the selections below is based on the original draft order. They may differ from the final number as a result of clubs passing in the later rounds or the insertion of compensation selections.

IN: Draft selection No. 22 (Matthew Hanrahan, Lake Bolac) and draft selection No. 82 (Troy Lehmann, North Adelaide)
OUT: Matthew Ryan (Sydney)

IN: Draft selection No. 4 (Jason McCartney, Nhill)
OUT: Terry Keays (Richmond)

IN: Brad Hardie (Brisbane)
OUT: A draft selection that was not utilised.

IN: Gary Pert (Fitzroy)
OUT: Draft selection No. 7 (Jeremy Guard) and draft selection No. 20 (Brett Cook).

IN: Brad Rowe (Brisbane)
OUT: A draft selection that was not utilised.

IN: Tony Woods (Fitzroy)
OUT: Draft selection No. 33 (Paul Morrish).

IN: Draft selection No. 30 (Kane Purcell, North Shore)
OUT: Gavin Rose (Sydney)

IN: Draft selection No. 41 (Todd Curley, West Perth)
OUT: Brad Boyd (Fitzroy)

IN: Draft selection No. 81 (Brendan Barrows, Claremont)
OUT: Colin Alexander (Brisbane)

IN: Draft selection No. 10 (Brett Chalmers, Port Adelaide) and draft selection No. 85 (Tristan Lynch, Sale)
OUT: James Manson (Fitzroy)

IN: Nathan Buckley (Brisbane)
OUT: Draft selection No. 12 (Chris Scott)*

IN: Brad Plain (Essendon)
OUT: Draft selection No. 29 (Scott Mollard)

IN: Brenton Sanderson (Adelaide)
OUT: Draft selection No. 44 (Eugene Warrior)

IN: Draft selection No. 34 (Stephen Patterson, Norwood)
OUT: Brett Chalmers (Adelaide)

IN: Draft selection No. 34 (Aaron James, Western U18)
OUT: Barry Mitchell (Carlton)

IN: Draft selection No. 39 (Jason Wild, Collingullie)
OUT: Craig Starcevich and Troy Lehmann (Brisbane)

IN: Draft selection No. 53 (Justin Mallon, Northern U18)
OUT: Paul Ridley (Mellbourne)

*Note: The net summary of the Nathan Buckley deal saw Buckley and draft selection No. 39 (Jason Wild) head to Victoria Park and Craig Starcevich, Troy Lehmann and draft selection No. 12 (Chris Scott) move to the Brisbane Bears. Read Glenn McFarlane's story on the Buckley deal here.

IN: Lee Walker (West Coast)
OUT: Draft selection No. 12 (Shane Sikora)

IN: Draft selection No. 9 (Ben Wilson, Norwood), draft selection No. 53 (Mark Orchard, Ballarat U18)
OUT: Jason McCartney (Adelaide)

IN: Draft selection No. 47 (Robbie Ahmat, Darwin)
OUT: Brenton Sanderson (Geelong)

IN: Scott Crow, Alex McDonald (Hawthorn)
OUT: Draft selection No. 54 (Adam Ansell)

IN: Matthew Francis (Richmond)
OUT: Robert Powell

IN: Adrian McAdam (North Melbourne)
OUT: Brad Plain

IN: Robert Pyman (North Melbourne)
OUT: Draft selection No. 26 (Chris Groom)

IN: John Barnett (North Melbourne)
OUT: Draft selection No. 70 (Adam Hay)

IN: Richard Osborne (Footscray)
OUT: Draft selection No. 61 (Stephen Powell)

IN: Anthony Rocca (Sydney)
OUT: Mark Orchard, Ben Wilson, draft selection No. 14 (Brett O'Farrell), draft selection No. 33 (Will Sangster)

IN: Jonathan Ross (Adelaide)
OUT: Brett James

IN: Draft selection No. 19 (Brent Tuckey, Ballarat U18), draft selection No. 65 (Brad Cassidy, Fitzroy)
OUT: Mick McGuane (Carlton)

IN: Clinton King, Stuart Mangin (Sydney)
OUT: Robbie Ahmat, draft selection No. 40 (Fred Campbell)

IN: Shannon Gibson (Hawthorn)
OUT: Paul Sharkey

IN: Brad Smith (Richmond), Jamie Tape (Richmond)
OUT: Aaron James, draft selection No. 71 (Andrew Kellaway)

IN: Tyson Lane (Western Bulldogs)
OUT: Josh Mahoney

IN: Paul Licuria, Mark Orchard (Sydney), draft selection No. 44 (Heath Scotland, Western U18)
OUT: Draft selection No. 3 (Nic Fosdike)*

IN: Ricky Olarenshaw (Essendon), draft selection No. 41 (Craig Jacotine, Dandenong U18)
OUT: Draft selection No. 12 (Adam Ramanauskas)*

*Note: The three-way deal between Collingwood, Essendon and Sydney was explained as follows by The Australian’s Stephen Rielly and Greg Denham on 8 October 1998: “The Swans agreed to trade two players, Paul Licuria and Mark Orchard, and their first and third round draft picks, numbers 12 and 44, for the Magpies' first pick. From here, the trade begins to resemble an elaborate tax avoidance scheme, with Collingwood expected to on-trade pick 12 either to Essendon, for Rick Olarenshaw and a draft choice.”

IN: Mark Kinnear (Sydney), draft selection No. 34 (Leon Davis, Perth)
OUT: Andrew Schauble

IN: Steve McKee (Richmond, draft selection No. 7 (Danny Roach, Tasmania U18)
OUT: Clinton King, draft selection No. 3 (Aaron Fiora)*

IN: Andrew Ukovic (Essendon)
OUT: Draft selection No. 40 (David Hille)**

*Note: The deal that saw Collingwood downgrade pick No. 3 for pick No. 7 is one that Pies fans have long agonised over. Fremantle champion Matthew Pavlich went at pick No. 4 while the Magpies chose Tasmanian Danny Roach at pick No. 7. Sadly for Roach and the club, hip injuries ended his career after only one game. In the December 1999 edition of In Black and White, Recruiting Manager Noel Judkins said “if you assess it all up, we’ve got two ruckmen in McKee and (Josh) Fraser, one for now, one for the future.” He was right. McKee went on to become a very handy player in his 64 senior games for Collingwood between 2000 and 2004 while Fraser played 200 games in 11 seasons in the famous jumper.

**Note: In a three-way deal with Essendon and Hawthorn, Collingwood gave its third and fourth round selections to Hawthorn, who sent Jonathon Robran to Essendon along with selection No. 40 (David Hille) in exchange for selections No. 33 (Tim Clarke) and No. 48 (Chance Bateman). Collingwood then received Essendon’s Andrew Ukovic.

IN: James Clement, Brodie Holland (Fremantle), draft selection No. 22 (Richard Hadley)
OUT: Draft selections No. 8 (Daniel Motlop), No. 39 (Adam McPhee)

IN: Jarrod Molloy (Brisbane), draft selection No. 44 (Josh Hunt)
OUT: Mal Michael, draft selection No. 22 (Richard Hadley)

IN: Carl Steinfort (Geelong)
OUT: Draft selection No. 44 (Josh Hunt)

IN: Draft selection No. 37 (Guy Richards, Eastern U18)
OUT: Ricky Olarenshaw (North Melbourne), draft selection No. 39 (Adam McPhee)

IN: Draft selections No. 8 (Daniel Motlop) and No. 39 (Adam McPhee)
OUT: Paul Williams (Sydney)

*Note: In 2000, Collingwood embarked on a convoluted but ultimately successful trade week that does not make sense in the list above and is better explained by an article published on on Wednesday 13 September 2000: Paul Williams was traded to Sydney for pick No. 8 and No. 39. Pick No. 8 was then on traded to Fremantle for Brodie Holland, James Clement and pick No. 22. Mal Michael and pick No. 22 was traded to Brisbane for Jarrod Molloy and pick 44. Pick 44 was then on traded to Geelong for Carl Steinfort. Ricky Olarenshaw and pick No. 39 was traded to North Melbourne for pick No. 37.
**Note: Pick 8 ended up at North Melbourne after Fremantle sent it to Arden Street (along with pick No. 6 and Jess Sinclair) in exchange for Peter Bell.


IN: Andrew Williams (West Coast)
OUT: Damien Adkins

IN: Shane Woewodin (Melbourne)
OUT: Draft selection No. 14 (Daniel Bell)

IN: Draft selection No. 21 (Bo Nixon, Calder U18)
OUT: Nick Davis (Sydney)

IN: Draft selection No. 35 (Brent Hall, South Fremantle)
OUT: Heath Scotland (Carlton)

IN: Chad Morrison (West Coast)
OUT: Draft selection No. 37 (Mark LeCras)

IN: Draft selection No. 10 (Chris Egan, Murray U18)
OUT: Bo Nixon, draft selection No. 7 (Jordan Lewis) (Hawthorn)

*Note: Collingwood’s three-way trade with West Coast and Hawthorn in 2004 can be summarised as follows: Bo Nixon moved from Collingwood to Hawthorn and Chad Morrison from West Coast to Collingwood. The Hawks picked up Collingwood's first round selection, No. 7, and West Coast received selection No. 37 from Hawthorn. Collingwood received selection No. 10 from West Coast.

IN: Draft selection No. 23 (Ryan Cook, Dandenong U18)
OUT: Richard Cole (Essendon)

IN: Paul Medhurst, draft selection No. 8 (Ben Reid)
OUT: Chris Tarrant (Fremantle)*

IN: Draft selection No. 63 (Tyson Goldsack, Gippsland U18)
OUT: Draft selection No. 60 (Carl Peterson) (Richmond)*

*Note: The three-way trade between Collingwood, Fremantle and Richmond can be explained as follows: Fremantle exchanged Graham Polak, its round one selection (number 13) and its round four selection (number 63) to Richmond for its round one selection (number eight) and its round three selection (number 42). Collingwood exchanged Chris Tarrant to Fremantle for Paul Medhurst and its round one on-traded selection (number eight). Collingwood exchanged its round four selection (number 60) to Richmond for its round four on-traded selection (number 63).

IN: Draft selection No. 96 (selection not utilised)
OUT: Ben Davies (North Melbourne)

Cameron Wood (Brisbane)
OUT: Draft selection No. 14 (Jack Grimes)*

*Note: This was part of a three-way deal that saw the Magpies receive Wood, Brisbane secure Melbourne’s Travis Johnstone and the Demons take control of selection No. 14 (Jack Grimes).

IN: Anthony Corrie (Brisbane)
OUT: Draft selection No. 82 (not utilised)

IN: Draft selection No. 46 (Luke Rounds)
OUT: Rhyce Shaw (Sydney), draft selection No. 61 (Campbell Heath)

IN: Darren Jolly (Sydney)
OUT: Draft selection No. 14 (Lewis Jetta), draft selection No. 46 (Ben Stratton)

IN: Jonathon Ceglar (Murray U18, Gold Coast pre-list), Andrew Krakouer (Swan Districts, Gold Coast pre-list), draft selection No. 55, draft selection No. 77 (Trent Stubbs, NSW-ACT U18), draft selection No. 92 Rookie Elevation (Lachlan Keeffe, Collingwood)
OUT: Draft selection No. 25 (Patrick Karnezis) (Gold Coast)

IN: Round three compensatory selection
OUT: Josh Fraser (Gold Coast)

IN: Chris Tarrant (Fremantle), draft selection No. 45 (Alex Fasolo, East Fremantle)
OUT: Draft selection No. 44 (Viv Michie), draft selection No. 56 (Josh Mellington)

Draft selection No. 45 (Daniel Farmer, Sandringham U18)
OUT: Round three compensatory selection (West Coast)

IN: Marty Clarke (Ireland, Greater Western Sydney pre-list), Jamie Elliott (Murray U18, Greater Western Sydney pre-list), draft selection No. 67 NSW Scholarship (Jarrod Witts, Sydney University)
OUT: Draft selection No. 25 (Sebastian Ross) (Greater Western Sydney)

IN: Peter Yagmoor (Morningside, Gold Coast pre-list), draft selection No. 50 (Jackson Paine, Sandringham U18)
OUT: Draft selection No. 47 (Patrick Wearden) (Gold Coast)

IN: Draft selection No. 17* (Brodie Grundy)
OUT: Sharrod Wellingham (West Coast)

IN: Draft selections No. 20 (Tim Broomhead), No. 45 (Brant Colledge)
OUT: Chris Dawes (Melbourne), draft selection No. 58 (Clay Cameron)

IN: Draft selection No. 71 (Daniel Nicholson)
OUT: Tom Young (Western Bulldogs)

IN: Jordan Russell (Carlton)
OUT: Draft selection No. 71 (Daniel Nicholson)

IN: Draft selection No. 39 (North Melbourne)
OUT: Draft selections No. 42 (Matthew McDonough), No. 48 (Dean Kent)

*Note: Collingwood originally received draft selection No. 17 in exchange for Sharrod Wellingham. It became selection No. 18 after St Kilda received a first round selection (No. 13 overall) as compensation for losing Brendon Goddard to Essendon as a free agent. Gold Coast then received St Kilda’s pick No. 13 as a part of a deal that saw Tom Hickey cross from the Suns to the Saints.
**Note: Compensation picks rewarded via free agency are additional selections which teams receive based on their loss of players during the player exchange period.
***Note: As a result of Adelaide’s relinquishing of it first round selection, Collingwood’s selection No. 21 became selection No. 20, enabling it to draft Tim Broomhead. This selection was a Greater Western Sydney uncontracted player compensation pick traded from Melbourne, via Adelaide (Phil Davis).

IN: Jesse White (Sydney)
OUT: Draft selection No. 44 (Aliir Aliir)

IN: Draft selection No. 6 (Matthew Scharenberg), draft selection No. 44 (Aliir Aliir)
OUT: Draft selection No. 11 (Dom Sheed), draft selection No. 31 (Malcolm Karpany), draft selection No. 49 (Dylan Main).

IN: Taylor Adams (Greater Western Sydney)
OUT: Heath Shaw

IN: Patrick Karnezis (Brisbane)
OUT: Jackson Paine

IN: Free agency compensation (first round draft selection)
OUT: Dale Thomas (Carlton)