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The "extreme power" of Brayden Sier

Brayden Sier's draft night experience Get to know Brayden Sier, Collingwood's first selection in the 2015 National Draft.
Brayden Sier with mother Wendy at home in Rosanna after being drafted to Collingwood.

Nathan Buckley stepped up to the podium at the Adelaide Convention Centre and read out a name that no one was expecting.

As football fans all over the country searched for any information they could find on Brayden Sier, pandemonium hit a quiet home in Rosanna in Melbourne’s north-east.

“It was just me, the family and my girlfriend sitting on the couch,” Sier told Collingwood Media after being drafted on Tuesday night.

“At the time I was looking over to the side and all I could hear was Mum jump up and scream. It’s sort of been all up and about from then.”

“I reckon within about two minutes all of Brayden’s mates got here,” Sier’s mother Wendy added.

“It was just gorgeous.”

Sier is largely an unknown commodity to the wider football community after playing just two games for the Northern Knights in the TAC Cup this year.

Instead he played for his school Marcellin College, while also finding time to play four senior games for Banyule in the Northern Football League.

It was here where Collingwood General Manager of List Management Derek Hine and his recruiting team developed their love for Sier’s potential and sheer strength.

“He’s a boy that shows extreme power and although he’s a work in progress, he’s certainly worth the investment,” Hine told Collingwood Media in Adelaide.

“I’m really confident with the character of the boy and his family, he’s really going to be able to really attack the system.”

Despite being one of the youngest players in the draft, Sier’s 91kg frame allows him to out-body a number of opponents.

While listed as a midfielder, the 17-year-old describes himself as an “all-rounder”.

“I’m predominantly a midfielder… I can play up forward as well and even down back whenever it’s necessary,” he said.

“Probably my first thought when I’m playing footy is to put your head over the ball and (run in a) straight line through the pack and then first option give a handball.

“I sort of have a real focus on contested footy and doing the simple things right and setting up your mates.”

Being drafted changes the lives of young draftees, and Sier’s football allegiances quickly shifted since hearing his name called out.

He will begin life at Collingwood on Friday when he meets his new teammates at the Holden Centre.

“I was a Melbourne supporter about an hour ago,” he said with a smile.

“It’s going to be pretty daunting coming in on day one and seeing Scott Pendlebury come and say g’day.

“But I’m definitely looking forward to it. I can’t wait.”