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Recap: VFL Magpies hold on for victory

VFL: Round 13 win in 60 seconds Watch highlights from Collingwood's 13-point win over the Northern Blues in round thirteen of the VFL.
Tim Broomhead came onto the ground in the second quarter in Collingwood's VFL clash with the Northern Blues.

Collingwood has won it's sixth consecutive VFL game, surviving a second half scare to defeat the Northern Blues by 13 points.

The Magpies held a 46-point lead at half time, after a seven-goal first quarter onslaught. 

However the Blues were merely sleeping. The side coached by Josh Fraser awoke in the second half to cut the lead to just seven points late in the fourth quarter.

Collingwood steadied, with a sensational Jesse White pack mark setting up a match-winning Lachlan Howe goal.

More to come.


Collingwood         7.1      11.2     12.6     15.9   (99)
Northern Blues     0.5       3.4      9.8       13.8   (86)

Collingwood: Ferguson 3, White 2, Borthwick 2, Howe 2, Hellier, Gault, Golds, Wills, Pendlebury, Wyatt
Northern Blues: L. Jones 2, Jaksch 2, Boekhorst 2, Kerbatieh 2, Wilson, Wood, Buckley, T. Jones, Barrett

Collingwood: White, Smith, Oxley, Moloney, Ferguson, Gray
Northern Blues: TBC

Collingwood v Northern Blues
Saturday 2 July
Holden Centre

Tim Golds, Jack Frost, Ryan Pendlebury
HB: Angelo Rambaldi, Adam Oxley, Alan Toovey
C: Dale Hinkley, Rupert Wills, Matthew Goodyear
HF: Darrean Wyatt, Jesse White, Brent Macaffer
F: Gus Borthwick, Corey Gault, Lachlan Ferguson
Foll: Jarrod Witts, Tim Broomhead, Ben Moloney
Int (from): Jeremy Taylor, Matthew Smith, Jordan Collopy, Lachlan Howe, Jackson Viola, Jack Hellier, Nick Gray, Jordan Kelly, Campbell Lane (23rd man)


4:00PM - Welcome to Collingwood Media's coverage of a huge afternoon/night of football against our old rivals in Carlton. The day starts here at the Holden Centre as we take on the Northern Blues in the VFL.

4:01PM - Witts wins the hit-out to Moloney who bursts through the middle and finds an open Jesse White. White chips inside 50 to Rupert Wills and Wills will take a shot before the Blues have even touched the ball.

4:01PM - Wills' shot lands at the top of the goal square. But Lachie Ferguson is there to pounce on the loose ball. He kicks the first goal of the day!

4:02PM - Moloney with a clearance to rival his first one. Straight inside 50 where Gus Borthwick kicks the VFL Magpies second goal. Pies lead 12-0.

4:06PM - A few players really impressing early. We're only minutes into this game, but Moloney, Wills and White have been absolutely everywhere.

4:07PM - Add Lachie Ferguson to that list as well! The little man kicks his second and the VFL Magpies extend the lead. 

4:10PM - Jesse White takes a mark directly in front and his following set shot doesn't ever look like missing. Pies in fire early in the first.

4:15PM - Another one to the VFL Magpies, this time to Gus Borthwick. The tough midfielder turns a half opportunity into a full one at the top of the goalsquare. 

4:18PM - The Northern Blues score for the first time today. Ryan Pendlebury attempts to mark on the goal-line, but can't do so in the field of play. One behind.

4:26PM - Lead continues to grow at the Holden Centre. Blues win a bit more of the ball as the quarter winds down, but on the scoreboard, it's allllll Collingwood. VFL Magpies lead 43-3.

4:30PM - And there's the quarter time siren. Hard to remember such a dominant start to a game for the VFL Magpies. We lead 7.1 (43) to the Northern Blues 0.5 (5).

4:40PM - Second quarter underway here at the Holden Centre. The lights are on and the crowds are quickly rolling in.

4:41PM - Tim Broomhead is on the ground and immediately gets involved in the action. The Blues kick out on the full and he's the man to take the free kick.

4:50PM - Northern Blues have found a bit in this second quarter. They've kicked two early goals, but we've got one of our own. Corey Gault added his name to the list of goal-scorers not long ago.

4:51PM - Jack Frost earns a round of applause from a strong Holden Centre crowd. His spoil on the wing prevented a Northern Blues attack.

4:53PM - Oxley getting busy. Wins a free kick and sends the ball inside 50.

4:56PM - Oxley's kick inside 50 goes over the head of the leading Jesse White. Broomhead gets involved, and Hellier gets on the end of it. Dribbles the ball through for a goal!

4:59PM - Blues get another. Third of the afternoon sees the lead cut to 34 points.

5:00PM - Jesse White having a big impact playing deep in the forward. A fine snap sees him get his second goal and the lead grow to 40 points.

5:04PM - Forward line operating smoothly. White and Gault seem to be working in tandem, and with the likes of Hellier, Ferguson and Borthwick at their feet, the Blues defenders look nervous.

5:07PM - Another name to add to that list is Tim Golds. The ex-GWS Giant kicks his first of the afternoon to extend the lead. VFL Magpies in front 68-22.

5:08PM - Half time siren sounds at the Holden Centre. The VFL Magpies can talk to the changerooms with heads held high. We lead the Northern Blues 11.2 (68) to 3.4 (22).

5:35PM - Eight minutes gone in the third quarter and the Blues have the advantage early in this term. Lachie Howe has our only goal, while the opposition have two of their own.

5:40PM - Break in play briefly as Alan Toovey is helped from the ground. Looks a bit shaky, but earns a round of applause as he breaks into a run coming off the ground.

5:42PM - Darrean Wyatt back in action tonight after missing the last couple of weeks. Had a few good touches in the forward line.

5:43PM - Behind to the Blues at the Yarra River end. Still a big crowd at the Holden Centre, but you can sense they're getting a bit restless. Pies lead 74-37.

5:45PM - Nick Gray playing off half back tonight. Continues to show his versatility.

5:47PM - Another goal to the Blues. Liam Jones has two of their four goals this quarter.

5:53PM - Tim Jones runs into an open goal square and adds another Northern Blues goal. The visitors have kicked six goals to one this quarter.

5:55PM - Blues' momentum is kept at bay as the Pies keep the ball trapped in the attacking forward line. Gault and Wills both miss tough chances. Pies lead 77-62.

5:57PM - 28 mintues gone in a quarter that's been dominated by the Blues. Siren shouldn't be far away.

5:59PM - Tim Broomhead recieves a long handball from Ben Moloney. He sends the ball inside 50 to the lead of Howe.

6:01PM - Matt Smith has been impressive again tonight. He kicks inside to a leading Corey Gault. The West Australian can't mark and we miss another chance.

6:02PM - Three quarter time siren sounds at the Holden Centre. Quarter to forget, that one. Blues kicked six goals to one and have cut the lead back to 16 points.

6:25PM - We've gone 15 minutes into the final term and we still have a ball game on our hands here at the Holden Centre. The Northern Blues have two, we have one and it's a 13-point margin.

6:27PM - Blues attack once again. Jarrod Witts leaps high and takes a fantastic overhead mark. 

6:32PM -  13-point lead to the VFL Magpies after 24 minutes in the final term. Free kick goes to the Northern Blues deep in their forward 50. Cameron Wood kicks the goal.

6:37PM - Seven point lead to the VFL Magpies. 27 minutes gone. 

6:39PM - Lachie Howe kicks a goal that may very well be the match-winner. Assisted by Broomhead, that one hurts the Blues' chances.

6:40PM - SIREN! The VFL Magpies win. Collingwood 15.9 (99) defeat the Northern Blues 13.8 (86). It got closer than we would have liked, but four points are on the board all the same. Time to all let out a collective sigh of relief.

6:50PM - And what better way to wrap up than with your reaction to this great win over the old rival... Thanks everyone for listening to the call and following the coverage this evening. Go Pies!