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Recap: VFL Magpies storm home in Frankston

VFL: Round 15 win in 60 seconds Watch highlights from Collingwood's 66-point win over Frankston in round 15 of the VFL.
Darrean Wyatt celebrates one of his two goals against Frankston at Frankston Oval on Sunday. Photo: Shane Barrie.

Round 15 of the VFL season proved a roller coaster ride for Collingwood as the Magpies defeated Frankston by 66 points.

Facing the lowly Dolphins for the first time this year, the day didn’t start well for the men in Black and White.

Celebrating his 50th AFL game, Jarrod Witts’ afternoon was over almost as soon as it began as a hand injury took him from the field.

He watched on as Frankston kicked five goals to one in the first quarter.

Eight second quarter goals to Collingwood proved that the Young Street end of the ground was clearly the scoring end.

Tom Phillips and Adam Oxley were among the goal-scorers at they showed their AFL experience at Frankston Oval.

The Dolphins hit back in the third term, largely thanks to three goals to Ben Cavarra. When the teams entered the final change, Collingwood led by just nine points.

The close margin would soon disappear. Lachie Ferguson and Adrian Indovino helped the Magpies to 11 final quarter goals and a 66-point victory.

Both the small forwards were named in the best, where they were joined by Lachlan Howe, Tyson Goldsack, Marley Williams and Oxley.


Collingwood     1.0     9.6     11.8     22.11 (143)
Frankston         5.1     5.2     10.5     12.5   (77)

Collingwood: Ferguson 4, Indovino 4, Broomhead 2, Oxley 2, Wyatt 2, Crocker 2, Gray 2, Phillips, Borthwick, Golds, Hellier
Frankston: Cavarra 4, Gardiner 4, Cass, McCartney, Wilson, Papadopoulos

Collingwood: Indovino, Ferguson, Howe, Goldsack, Oxley, Phillips
Frankston: Cavarra, Wilsen, Gray, Gardiner, Sketcher, McInnes

Frankston v Collingwood
VFL Round 15
Sunday 17 July
Frankston Park, 2pm

Tim Golds, Jack Frost, Marley Williams
HB: Alan Toovey, Adam Oxley, Tom Phillips
C: Matthew Goodyear, Rupert Wills, Tyson Goldsack
HF: Darrean Wyatt, Ben Crocker, Nick Gray
F: Lachie Ferguson, Corey Gault, Gus Borthwick
Foll: Jarrod Witts, Tim Broomhead, Ben Moloney
Int (from): Jack Hellier, Ryan Pendlebury, Lachie Howe, Matthew Smith, Adrian Indovino


2:00pm - Welcome to today's live coverage of the VFL Magpies clash with Frankston. For the second week in a row we are on the road and ready to take on the Dolphins at Frankston Oval.

2:01pm - Jarrod Witts led the Magpies onto the ground a few minutes ago. The ruckman is celebrating his 50th VFL game today.

2:02pm - The squad originally named haws also been cut down to the 23 playing today. Ash Close, Lachlan Wallace, Dale Hinkley and Jordan Collopy all miss out on a spot in the final team. Star defender Jordan Kelly is also missing.

2:02pm - Frankston get the early start with the first goal of the day. The Pies are kicking to the Bay end of the ground in the first qurter. We trail 0-6.

2:03pm - Tyson Goldsack and Alan Toovey playing like midfielders as they both break through the middle of the ground and kick inside 50 early in the first term.  

2:07pm - One goal each early in the first quarter. Tim Broomhead has the Magpies major. Scores level 6-6.

2:08pm - Early stages of this one defying respective ladder positions. Frankston more than holding their own as the ball is trapped in the Dolphins forwardline.

2:10pm - Not a cloud in the sky on a beautiful Frankston day. Tim Golds is parked under a high ball and loses it in the sun. 

2:12pm - Great to see plenty of Black and White at Frankston Oval today. Always a vocal home crowd, but we've even it out nicely today.

2:14pm - Tim Broomhead very busy early. This time he takes a free kick on the wing. He kicks into the man on the mark and collects his own footy.

2:16pm - The 50 gamer Jarrod Witts has gone into the rooms to fix up what looks like split webbing in his hand. One he's already been hampered by this year. We'll confirm that one asap.

2:18pm - Collingwood can't do much when they enter the forward 50 early in this one. Keeping even, if not leading the inside 50 count in this first term.

2:21pm - Rupert Wills another young Pie who's started the game really well. He's running hard and breaking packs with that big midfielders body.

2:22pm - Gus Borthwick sends a high kick inside 50. Crocker runs into open space and takes the mark on the chest.

2:24pm - Matt Smith kicks dangerously into the middle of the ground. Cut off by a Frankston forward and the home team has numbers here.

2:25pm - Smith defends again on the last line, but he can't prevent Frankston's fourth goal. The VFL Magpies trail 6-25.

2:28pm - Indovino kicks inside 50, but Darrean Wyatt is outnumbered and can't mark. Story of the quarter when entering the forward 50.

2:31pm - Ben Crocker hobbles off the ground after a big clash in the forward pocket. Witts and Crocker both under injury concerns as we approach quarter time.

2:40pm - Second quarter underway at Frankston Oval. Corey Gault starts in the quarter in the ruck with Jarrod Witts still off the ground.

2:42pm - Lachlan Ferguson starts the second term with a goal. The Magpies have their second on the board after the small forward dodges and weaves his way through traffic. We trail 12-31.

2:43pm - Ferguson staying busy. He takes a diving mark and will look to add Collingwood's third.

2:43pm - Ferguson's shot floats to the top of goal-square. No score and players pile in.

2:45pm - Alan Toovey has started today as well as we've seen him play in the VFL in recent weeks. He sends a long ball inside 50.

2:46pm - Whether it's the wind, or Collingwood just finding their feet, the Magpies are taking control of this second term. Two goals in a row now as the Dolphins lead is cut back to 11 points.

2:48pm - Ben Crocker back on the ground. Looks to be playing pain-free.

2:57pm - Back-to-back goals for the VFL Magpies and all of a sudden, we have the lead. Gus Borthwick and Adam Oxley ensure that order is restored from a Collingwood perspective.

3:00pm - Wyatt releases Indovino with a looping handball. He kicks deep into the forward line where Ben Moloney leads the race. He leaves the ball and shepards as the ball dribbles through for a goal.

3:02pm - Another one to the Pies! Adrian Indovino kicks the goal straight out of the air. A half-chance creates a 12-point lead.

3:04pm - 24 minutes gone in this second quarter. All 12 goals in this first half have been kicked at the one end of the ground. Magpies have the advantage this term.

3:05pm - Jack Hellier and Ben Moloney standing at the interchange gates. Plenty of VFL experience waiting to come onto the ground there.

3:08pm - Another goal to the VFL Magpies. Marley Williams kicked a LONG ball inside 50. Everyone misreads the flight of the ball except for one man... Adam Oxley. The defender marks, and goals! We lead 52-32.

3:09pm - That kick from Williams to Oxley may have been our biggest indicator of the breeze here at Frankston Oval so far. All the action down the Young Street end so far.

3:10pm - Lachlan Howe kicks an absolute mongrel punt inside 50. No one's marking that one.

3:11pm - Darrean Wyatt goals in a confusing piece of play at the top of the goal square. Looked to be two footys on the field then when the former basketballer took advantage.

3:15pm - Half time at Frankston Oval. Eight consecutive goals that quarter and the VFL Magpies have turned a 25-point deficit into a 28-point lead.


3:40pm - Tim Broomhead gets the scoring underway in the third term with a goal at the bay end of the ground. Great start to the Pies.

3:41pm - Jarrod Witts' day appears to be done. The ruckman is in his tracksuit on the interchange bench.

3:42pm - Back-to-back goals from Frankston's Ben Cavarra see Frankston peg the lead back to 20 points. Breeze continues to be a factor in this third term.

3:44pm - Another one to the Dolpins. Wilson kicks Frankston's third goal this quarter and it's game on at Frankston Oval.

3:48pm - Lachie Howe marks strongly and kicks inside 50. Indovino and Oxley attempt to calculate the attack. 

3:49pm - Broomhead, Gray and Indovino combine in the middle. Clever handball from Jack Hellier and the Pies go forward.

3:50pm - Corey Gault is on the end of the attack. His snap around the body misses to the right-hand side.

3:51pm - Ben Cavarra kicks his third goal this quarter. All Frankston as the lead is cut to two points.

3:53pm - 23 minutes gone in the third term. Strong half time lead has turned into a tight contest. Need another goal to take some confidence into the final term.

3:55pm - Oxley continues what's been a good game. He marks well going back with the flight.

3:56pm - A stationary Gus Borthwick sees an opponent coming and takes a hit with no worry at all. Wins a free kick and moves the Magpies forward.

3:58pm - Oxley marks in defence and gives to the run of Tom Phillips. We've seen this one a few times today.

4:00pm - And Lachie Ferguson adds a late one for the VFL Magpies. Gee we needed that one. 

4:05pm - So here we go... the VFL Magpies enter the final quarter with a nine-point lead and a chance to win eight consecutive VFL games still up for grabs. Should be an entertaining last quarter to come.

4:10pm - And Nick Gray gets the VFL Magpies off to a flyer in the final term. He's assisted by Lachie Fergson and extends the lead to 15 points.

4:11pm - Head clash sees two Frankston players fall to the ground. One of them looks to be pretty sore as play continues.

4:16pm - VFL Magpies have added a couple of behinds in recent minutes to edge further in front. Pies up 81-65 midway through the fourth term.

4:18pm - A Ben Crocker goal and the VFL Magpies have a bit of room to breathe here. Game still alive, but a 23-point lead is handy.

4:20pm - As we quickly go around the grounds, Port Melbourne have a strong lead over Sandringham in another VFL game today. Bodes well for the VFL Magpies climbing up the ladder.

4:23pm - Lachie Ferguson kicks his third goal of the day. That and Crocker's last goal give the Magpies a handy lead. 

4:26pm - And now Nick Gray joins the party. Straight from the centre, he calmly avoids traffic and kicks the goal.

4:28pm - We kicked eight goals in the second quarter, and have six in this term after Tim Golds kicks his first of the day. All the action at the one end today.

4:31pm - Ben Crocker sends one inside 50. He's had a big second half after injury concerns early.

4:33pm - Adrian Indovino kicks his third of the day from the forward pocket. Nick Gray was on the goal-line and evaded the ball perfectly to allow it to go through for a goal.

4:36pm - Indovino now kicks his fourth. These small forward are on fire right now for the VFL Magpies. 

4:38pm - 31 minutes gone in the final term. What an amazing quarter for the Pies. 10 goals this quarter and we've turned a tightly-contested game to an absolute blowout!

4:40pm - Ben Cavarra has starred for the Dolphins today. He's kicked his fourth goal for the day and Frankston cut the lead to an even 10 goals.

4:41pm - Jack Hellier kicks a late goal and the siren sounds not long after. What a final quarter, and what a game for the VFL Magpies. 

4:45pm - That's all from Frankston Oval. Great win to the VFL Magpies to end the weekend on a high. There'll be more coming your way shortly on Go Pies!