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Howe's history of hangers

Examining Monday's key moment Join The Agenda's Michael Christian and Jay Clark as they review Collingwood's loss to Melbourne on the Queen's Birthday.
The mark that has the entire footy world talking. Jeremy Howe soars over Tom McDonald at the MCG on Queen's Birthday. Image: AFL Photos.

Is Jeremy Howe the greatest marking player of all time?

That’s been the question on everyone’s lips this week following the Collingwood defender’s unbelievable launch over former teammate Tom McDonald during the second quarter of the Queen’s Birthday clash.

The team from Collingwood Media’s ‘The Agenda’ weighed in on the debate and had their say on Howe’s history of spectacular hangers.

“I know (the mark) has been played at nauseam, but what an absolute superstar,” Michael Christian said.

“It is an incredible mark. If this isn’t Mark of the Year, I’m just not sure what beats it. He got the elevation and than got the little push up from Tom McDonald to elevate him even further.

And in what may have been the perfect depiction of Howe’s extraordinary aerial acts, Jay Clark offered his take on the star defender.

“He’s the kind of guy – and maybe we don’t appreciate it just yet – but when he finishes playing, he’ll be the kind of guy where we say: ‘Did you watch Jeremy Howe play?’ It’s a Gary Ablett Sr-esque thing.”

However, when the question of comparing the two marking virtuosos was posed, the 1990 Collingwood premiership player couldn’t look past the Geelong superstar, rather endorsing Howe as the most consistent marker he’s ever seen.

“I can’t remember anyone that does it more regularly. Time after time. Game after game. He’s going to have a great highlight reel, isn’t he? He’s freakish,” Christian said.

The 26-year-old has been nominated for the league’s Mark of the Week on a near 30 occasions, having been rewarded 12 times.

In 2012, while playing for the Demons, he won the AFL’s Mark of the Year for his unbelievable leap and take over Sydney’s Heath Grundy at the SCG.

Jeremy Howe with his mark-of-the-year winning grab over Heath Grundy at the SCG. Image: AFL Photos.

And after seven season in the AFL system – his second with the Magpies – Howe’s grabs aren’t the only thing garnering attention in the headlines.

The forward-turned-defender has been a revelation for Collingwood since joining the club; playing as the sweeping, intercept half back under Nathan Buckley.

After 12 games, his name is circling the All-Australian conversations at the midpoint of the season.

The former Demon is averaging a career-best 21 disposals, nine marks and four rebound 50s per game, while also leading a fairly inexperienced back six.

Howe’s having the sort of year that goes way beyond just thrilling the fans with his screamers.

This year, he’s unearthed a perfect balance of excelling at his role, mixed in with the occasional – or regular - leap to remind fans of his superman-like abilities.

The defender is in career-best form in his second season at Collingwood. Image: AFL Photos.