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One-eyed preview: Our own Rocky vs Drago

How will Bucks tackle the Freeze? Pendles chats with our players to discuss what Bucks should wear down the slide at this years Big Freeze.

Paul Robinson is one of the men behind the cult social media channels 'The Carlton Draft' and 'The Ressies Footballer'

His Black and White passion is unquestionable, and the views represented in this article are solely his own and not representative of the Collingwood Football Club.

I love the Big Freeze at the ‘G.

For one day of the year the ice-cold bite of winter in Victoria doesn’t seem too bad.

The walk to the MCG that day is something special.

It’s a time of year when you can hear people’s teeth chattering over the sometimes annoying, sometimes fantastic buskers on Swanston Street, yet everyone on that walk is amped to support a fantastic cause and watch a newly relevant match of football.

The horde of footballing fanatics at the mecca of football are a swirling mess of navy blue, red, black and white… Then all drawn together under light blue beanies that are now a staple of winter in the city of Melbourne. It’s a fantastic look and is, in my mind, what footy is about.

Isn’t it funny how much the saying “this is what footy is all about!!” very rarely applies to the actual two hours of game play?

Now, my thoughts of those two hours.

We will win (obviously), and we will win easily.

The result? Dragging this mob out of the top-four and cementing ourselves with a double chance before we win the premiership by a record margin.

Bookmark this article for an ‘I told you so’ when that happens.

Despite losing the past two encounters over the Queen’s Birthday weekend (happy birthday ya majesty if you’re reading), I’m extremely confident we can get the chocolates this Monday.

Tom Phillips is playing like a Syd Coventry/Chloe Molloy hybrid and is my dark horse for a top-three B&F finish at Collingwood right now. ‘Flippa’ has had enough praise from me this week as I sit in the smoko room at my work smugly drinking from my home-made 2018 Premiers coffee mug.

Now I’m ready to pump the tyres of another young man. Our new lord and saviour, Brody ‘Body Count’ Mihocek.

This bloke is a pure MCG specialist. He averages four goals a game on the home of footy, while only nine other players average four goals a game across the competition.

We’ve got ourselves a potential Coleman Medal winner here, people.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how he goes in his second match at the top level against a more mature backline. My prediction is he’ll make Michael Hibberd his next victim by forcing him to be accountable.

Brody Mihocek begun his journey from debutant to Coleman Medal winner with four snags against Freo. Image: AFL Photos.

What I’m looking forward to the most in this game is the ruck duel between Collingwood Jesus Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn. This is the AFL’s version of Rocky vs Ivan Drago – Two big behemoths, one good and one evil – fighting to decide who the greatest in the world is. This match-up is worth the price for a ticket in itself.

Grundy had his warm up against Fremantle over the weekend and rucked like he was a 19-year-old playing U/12’s. The man is a beast and expect him to not only give Max a touch up but collect best on ground honours.

Jesse Hogan is doing his thing up forward, but I personally cannot wait to see Lynden Dunn smash him from pillar to post. Hogan is a fine full forward. He’d be a sensational decoy/third-tall in our VFL side, but it’s now time for him to step down and take the back seat.

Dunny’s going to make him sit down and learn a lesson. Class is in session, Jesse.

The time is now ladies and gentlemen. Dip into the pockets and grab yourself a ‘FREEZE MND’ beanie this week. It’s the least we can all do to join the cause of fighting Motor Neuron Disease.


Brodie Grundy vs Max Gawn. The only thing missing is a inspirational training montage set in the Russian snow-fields.

The views in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of the AFL or its clubs