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Phillips wins another time trial

Full squad back training The full AFL squad is back training and we began with the 2km time trial.

Tom Phillips loves a time trial.

While most footballers, be them local or professional, dread the annual two-kilometre pre-season run, it’s where Phillips showcases his incredible powers of endurance.

In his four pre-seasons, he has won each time two-kilometre trial he has been involved in, a run that continued with victory on Monday morning.

Phillips powered home, leading a pack that included the likes of Max Lynch, Brody Mihocek, Isaac Quaynor and James Aish.

“It’s good to have the full squad. Everyone looks pretty revitalized and fresh. It’s looking pretty good," Phillips told after the run.

"You’ve gotta have the two k’er on the first day back! It was nice.

We’ve only got two weeks and then the three-week Christmas break and then we’re back into it on the flipside next year. I think everyone’s pretty fresh and ready to go in the next two weeks.

"It’s not like we’ve been back since the end of October. We’ve had a good break, everyone’s pretty fresh in the mind and in the body."

All 46 players on Collingwood’s 2019 list reported for duty on Monday morning, from those overcoming long-term injuries such as Tim Broomhead, Matthew Scharenberg and Lynden Dunn to those who have already been in full training for several weeks, such as Phillips, Brayden Sier and other youngsters.

Tom Phillips broke clear of the pack early. Photo:

Jack Crisp sports his new tattoos before the session begins. Photo:

Take in the big ones. Photo:

De Goey, Beams, Adams. Not a bad set of footballers. Photo: