A trade period that commences after the NAB AFL Draft has been floated by the League.

Clubs were this week requested to provide feedback on the recent off-season exchange and draft periods, with the annual discussion an avenue for list managers, recruiters and administrators to offer their thoughts on the changing player movement landscape. 

As part of the review, AFL.com.au understands they were for the first time asked whether they would support a short trade period, of potentially three to five days, after the national, pre-season and rookie drafts were completed. 

The AFL has been open about its hopes to introduce extra trade windows into the football calendar, particularly with a mid-season trade period. 

The League had wanted to introduce that for 2020 after the success of the mid-season draft, however with clubs not on board the AFL then looked at a pre-season trade period in between the Marsh Community Series and round one. 

But those plans also hit a road block after the AFL Players' Association voiced its uneasiness with the proposal, with the AFL holding off on the move. 

The concept for a mini trade period that follows the draft centres around the idea for clubs to address list needs they weren't able to fill throughout the draft and previous trade and free agency window in October. 

Whether it would also allow players who have just been drafted by the club to be included in deals, or only players who have been on the list for at least one season, is unclear.

The ability for clubs to trade picks during the draft in the past two years has been a huge success. 

It has added a new dynamic to the event, with live deals coming regularly throughout proceedings last month as clubs jostled for different players and selections.