Collingwood General Manger of Football Geoff Walsh spoke to the Triple M Hot Breakfast team on Friday to address the approach during the AFL Trade Period, and a response to Jaidyn Stephenson's comments. 

"I really can’t let Jaidyn’s comments be etched in history as the version of what he said," Walsh said.

"Now I’m not saying he’s been mischievous or anything, but certainly throughout the year on a number of occasions, Jaidyn was spoken to by both teammates and coaches and administration on what he needed to do to become or get back to being the footballer that he briefly displayed in his first year, what he needed to do if he wanted to continue to be a good quality AFL player, and a good quality Collingwood AFL player.

"So that was reinforced to him on a number of occasions, and then in the exit interview which was only a day or so after he left the hub, those points were all reinforced in terms of where we seen his career at that particular moment, and where we predicted… it may ebb and flow depending on a response from him.

"As I say, I can’t let that particular comment go and remain unanswered… and that’s not me being critical of the boy, but it’s certainly providing some balance."

Listen to the full interview below.