Some of Collingwood's best young talent are set to soar in 2021, Isaac Quaynor and Will Kelly are at full fitness as the pre-season regime is in full force.

“So far it’s actually been really good. We’ve had some solid training sessions out on the track, a few of the boys are looking really strong and have come back in good nick,” Quaynor said.

Kelly debut for the Magpies in round six against Hawthorn last season, that was all fans got to see of the promising forward after going down with a sickening elbow injury.

With surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation program under his belt, Kelly is hitting his straps with pre-season games one month away.

“Body is feeling great. Over summer I was able to put in a fair bit of work to get myself feeling strong and fit again… the first few months of pre-season have been really good,” Kelly said.

The Magpie Army have sent in their questions for the pair. See below. 

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Interview: Quaynor & Kelly

Hear from Isaac Quaynor & Will Kelly after Wednesday's session

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@JohnnyGoring -  Kelly: Are you looking forward to playing against your brother Jake this season?

  • "It would be a pretty surreal moment. I think firstly I need to focus on getting into the team and start off with the first few games. If I could get a chance to line-up against him that would be pretty awesome."

@JohnnyGoring - Quaynor: Do you have aspirations to play in the midfield?

  • "I think definitely. Everyone always wants to move up the ground and get a bit more involved in the play, I guess. At the moment, I'm really enjoying myself down at halfback... definitely in the years to come."

@AhmadHazim - Both: Who is the funniest new recruit?

  • Quaynor: "Isaac Chugg has been pretty funny. He's vomited a few of times during the training sessions, that was pretty funny. He seems like a pretty interesting blome, so far so good with him."

  • Kelly: "Definitely Chuggy."

@MartyPask - Kelly: Is it true Isaac has up to 50 bottles of cologne and has his barber in his favourites call list?

  • "That's 100% true. Probably more than 50 and he's got his barber on speed dial."

@Melsa5 - Both: What's the best advice you could give a new draftee?

  • "Probably open your minds up and really chat with the older boys, try learn as much as you can in the first few months. Honestly, if you play a game or you don't in your first year or so, it's not a big deal. It's a whole experience is about learning as much as you can to prepare yourself for the next few years to come. If you do manage to get the opportunity to play a game, it's a great reward for some hard effort."

@LachieMeloni - Both: If you had to pick one teammate to have on your team for the rest of your career, who would it be?

  • Quaynor: "Brayden Maynard. He's a tough nut, probably doesn't get the credit he deserves and he's a funny bloke."
  • Kelly: "Can't go past Scott Pendlebury. He's a great captain, not only that, he's an incredible player with what he can do on the field."

@MariaScott - Quaynor: What do you see as your greatest challenge this season?

  • "At the moment, the unknown with COVID. There could be the potential talks about another hub, who knows. You have to take it week by week and we had last year to learn from and I think we'll go into 2021 full of experience and pretty optimistic."

@JamesDillon - Kelly: How many kilograms have you put on over the summer?

  • "Only one or two kilos. I was in the gym four-five days a week."