'De Goey dominating the midfield' has been the narrative for the last few weeks as the dangerous dynamo continues to impress. 

  • "He's been hungry to play there for a while...he's just learning his craft really, Pendlebury is helping him a lot, I know Adams is helping him a lot with Sidey."
  • "He's got some good heads helping him out...he's learning what it takes to be elite at work rate and running patterns, so he's learning off some good ones there."
  • "At times he's still going to go forward...he's at that age and maturity now where he knows where he wants to be and he's really committed to working hard towards getting that done so I think largely midfield is going to be his position."

With the season coming to a close, Harvey spoke to how important it is to finish off strong

  • "I think it's important as a group, we showed some good signs last week."
  • "We've been building towards being consistent as a team."
  • "For everyone, including the young guys, to carry through and learn how to win is a really important thing as well."

Josh Daicos and Beau Mccreery trained positively today as they return from injury. 

  • "It's nice to get a few back."
  • "It's going to be really interesting for selection."
  • "It's nice to have some form to go off...it's a nice starting point; 'A' to have player availability but 'B' to have form to pick off. It's a good thing and hopefully we can continue that through the last few weeks."

In great news, Howe's return was a great success

  • 'The players love having him in, and he's a real leader of the team."
  • "It was good to have him back, and good to have him building towards being confident next year."

Harvey reflected on Chris Mayne's contribution to the team over his time at the club. 

  • "I just feel so strongly for what he's contributed to the club and the group."
  • "To be honest, he's done it purely off his own bat, even when others didn't believe, he did. He's a great message for all our group with mental resilience and mental toughness. 
  • "I have the utmost respect for that guy and what he's done."
  • "I don't see a guy who should go out more proud that that guy [Mayne]."

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    Press Conference: Robert Harvey

    Hear from the coach in the lead up to our Round 21 clash with Hawthorn.

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