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22. Brendan Stroud (Coach/Captain)

Disability: Paraplegic – Car accident
Position: Forward/Defence

  • Coach/Captain Collingwood WFC 2018 (current)
  • Coach/Captain 2018 Premiership team 2018

Sports played:

  • Aust rep wheelchair basketball & tennis
  • Victorian Women’s Wheelchair National basketball league coach - 3 years
  • National wheelchair footy coach 3 years
  • Played for Dandenong rangers national basketball league for over 10 years.

13. Brett Newman

DOB: 27/02/1973
Position: Back/Forward
Disability: Bilateral knee replacements/Osteoarthritis PTSD hearing loss. 
Sports: Wheelchair AFL representative RSL Victoria Active VC 2019. 2017/18. Collingwood FC wheelchair 2018 premiership player. 
Background: Served 13 years in the ADF tours East Timor Afghanistan position Operator Supply. Injuries from service. 


33. Andrew Paddle

DOB: 29/04/1978
Position: Forward
Disability: Paraplegic, injured 21 years ago
Sports played:

  • Able-bodied footy - Taylors Lakes
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • First year of VWFL, Drafted into Collingwood as a reserve for future - VWFL is the first sport he has played since.

Zsolt Ugrai

DOB: 30/07/1974
Position: Defender
Recruited from: Hawthorn
Sports played:

  • Able bodied handball (goalkeeper)
  • Boxing
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Wheelchair handball
  • WAFL



Riley Fitzgerald

Recruited from: Richmond, League top season goal scorer
Position: Forward/Centre
Disability: N/A - Able bodied

5. Caitlyn Alger

DOB: 26/04/1992
Position: Forward
Disability: Cerebral Palsy
Sports played: Local competition wheelchair basketball
Experience: New to wheelchair AFL, drafted to Collingwood’s reserve team to gain experience for the future.





24. William Taylor

DOB: 24/04/1993
Recruited from: Essendon
Position: Centre/Back
Disability: Spinocerraballa Degeneration
Sports played:

  • Junior Team: Werribee/WRFL Team
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair Handball
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Able bodied footy
  • Melbourne Sports (supported)

34. Arnold Razon

DOB: 02/03/1969
Position: Utility
Disability: Above-knee amputee, Osteosarcoma (1979), cancer of the bone
Experience: New to Wheelchair AFL
Sports played:

  • Able body basketball for 27 years
  • Australian Rep Para Powerlifting for 6 years


Josh Christian

DOB: 6/6/1990
Disability: Spina bifida

  • Picked up in the midseason draft for Collingwood and will fit right into the team with his vast experience
  • Played wheelchair sports since 2004
  • 3 times medallist at wheelchair AFL nationals representing Tasmania
  • Represented Australia in wheelchair tennis in 2008 at world team cup
  • Played in the national wheelchair basketball league for Dandenong Rangers and Sydney Uni Wheelkings.