The Dolly Grays are the Official Women’s Coterie of the Collingwood Football Club, we have a long and varied history with the Club and we have fulfilled many roles, whenever we have been called on to do so. We are so much a part of the fabric of our Club, that we are named after the tune of our great Theme Song.

The Dolly Grays, see themselves as not only part of the Football Community, but also the wider community and as such we believe sincerely in the mantra “Side by Side” and with this in mind we support the work of the Collingwood Foundation.

We also support the Player Sponsorship Scheme, by sponsoring two players each year.

We as a group remember the women who have gone before us, paving a way for all women, who work and enjoy football, in whatever that role might be.


Mothers Day Dinner - May

Coaches Dinner - TBA - at the MCG

We hold other events during the year: Season Launch, Favourite Sons, Christmas Dinner.


If you would like to join us in continuing our proud history, with a great group of ladies.

Please contact:

Jo Ford (Information & Bookings)
0402 300 315

Terry Patchett (President)
0418 388 542

Briony Ford
0404 853 298