The Collingwood Football Club today launched Magpie Millions, a ground breaking fundraising initiative that will underpin the club’s significant community projects and future philanthropic plans.

Magpie Millions is a first of its kind in Australia, a community-focussed secondary lottery product created to return all profits received by Collingwood to the many welfare programs, partnerships and grass roots activities the club is committed to.

Each week, Magpie Millions players can wager on their pick of numbers of six of their favourite current Collingwood players and the number of a club legend for the opportunity to win $2 million and money-can’t-buy experiences.

Click here to visit the Magpie Millions website.

The weekly draw is conducted under the guidelines and regulations of the Northern Territory Gaming Commission and will take place on Thursday evenings, when prize winners will be announced. Each entry bet costs $2.50 and is restricted to people over the age of 18.

An important feature of Magpie Millions is a set weekly limit of $20 for players.

“Our supporters are very proud of the work that we do in the community and regularly ask how they can support our programs. Magpie Millions is a safe and fun way for our supporters to make a difference,” Collingwood Chief Executive, Gary Pert, said.

“Sports lottery products are run by some of the biggest sporting clubs in the world, including Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, and have proven to be a valuable additional source of income to support their community and grass roots programs.

“Collingwood’s community programs make a substantial difference in the lives of hundreds of people every day, whether it be through providing housing, meals, education or employment for people in need. Magpie Millions will allow the club to broaden that support.”

Collingwood has a diverse range of community partners that includes Headspace, Eating Disorders Victoria, Artsready, Stand Up Events, Hamodava Cafe and Magpie Nest, the award-winning joint-venture with the Salvation Army which supports people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

A complete list of the club’s many welfare initiatives can be found at

“With our national reach and popularity, we are in the privileged position of being able to take a lead and play a meaningful role in our community,” Pert said.

“Collingwood members and supporters are extremely proud of Collingwood’s philanthropic tradition and with more funds we will be able to play an even bigger role. Magpie Millions will help us do that.”

The first Magpie Millions draw will take place on Thursday, February 9. Entry and betting is available online and exclusively through the Collingwood Football Club at