On Jordy

"Jordy trained really well. He trained with high energy, he looks like he's in a place to perform well"

"I caught up with him on Monday and he seemed like he was in a good place, he was ready to come back. He had to deal with everything that he had going on and came back full of energy" 

"I want him to get into it and just be himself and keep growing and learning and not only in his football but everything outside of football as well. He's being doing a lot of work on it and clearly we've got more to do" 

On Gold Coast

"We actually play good footy in the wet but we also know what we're in for."

"Gold Coast are really hard to beat at home, they beat Freo up there, they beat Carlton up there all around the contest and it's going to be a really hard fought game."

Focus this week

"We are preparing for a big hard fought contest game and if 120mm (of rain) is right then it will be hard to move the ball."

The main focus this week is to "win the ball in the pressure well because that's whats coming against us."

"We don't tend to have a tag but we do go into every game with an awareness and if somebody gets a little bit of out control which [Touk Miller] is more than capable of doing then we have some systems in place to be able to counteract that."

On being the hardest team to score against since round 10 

"I give credit to Justin Leppich and all the backline and Neville Jetta. I'll pass on the credit when it's those guys doing the work."

"I've worked with Leppa a long time, and he's great with system and teaching defence. It takes time to build chemistry and we're defending differently to what we were last year."

"It's always a challenge but like when Brodie went out, we're not heavily reliant on one person, we're a system based defence and we look to bring someone in, we're not sure who yet."

On selection this week

"Howe is unfortunately going to be out, he has a virus to his stomach, he should be back next week." 

On Charlie Dean 

"That'll be a discussion, I'm not sure. He trained really well, I thought last week [in the VFL] he needed the run."

"I love setting people up to succeed, whether we throw him in the deep end, I'm not sure"

On Brodie grundy

"We're really pleased at how Brodie's going. He's been back at training this week, he's been running a couple of times this week and last week. It looks like he's moving well. he's progressing to be available in around 4-5 weeks."

On Josh Carmichael

"He is [a chance this week]. I love what he's doing. He performed really well in our VFL and trained really well today and we're setting him up really well."

"Does he have our Collingwood jumper on? I'm not sure yet, but the way he's playing, he's playing like an AFL footballer so he'll be part of our discussions."

On Will Kelly

"He missed about 10 weeks with injury so he's back playing, he played his second game on the weekend. He's had a bit of an interruption but he's progressing towards an opportunity as well."

On the idea of resting Nick Daicos

"No. The way he's playing it would be ludicrous. He's the number one intercept player in the defensive part of the game."

"We are mindful of it, we manage his loads at training. I thought I was going to play him sub a couple of weeks ago but it's just unrealistic."

On Nick Maxwell's departure

"Maxy has been an enormous person for the footy club for a long, long time."

"It has come as a bit of a surprise but he's gotten an opportunity in the business world and we wish him well and just grateful to what he's brought to us."

"We're hoping [it will cause] minimal disruption but others are going to have to step up.' 

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