Take a look at the key takeaways from Bucks' weekly presser. 

Hitting the road for a double-header
With Collingwood's VFL side taking on Sydney at the SCG following the AFL match, Bucks said it's a great opportunity for both squads to get around each other.

  • “It’s a little bit different this week, we play a curtain closer with the AFL and VFL. It’s an opportunity to travel as a full group with the intention of getting two wins is something we look forward to.”
  • “We’re a strong united playing group that are there for each other. This is just another opportunity to do that.”
  • “Whenever we go to Sydney we’ve had a good record over a long period of time. There’s been some really close tussles at the SCG in particular, wouldn’t expect anything different.”

Reflecting on the round 8 win
Bucks touched on the key learnings from last week's win over the Kangaroos. 

  • “We performed a little better and in a couple of elements as we fronted up to around our defensive capabilities, so there’s progress in that regard and looking forward to taking another step forward this weekend.”
  • “There’s no doubt we’re in better shape than we were a month ago and the consistent four-quarter performance has alluded us at this point and that will definitely be a focus for us on Saturday.”

The absence of Roughy down back
With Jordan Roughead unavailable due to concussion, Bucks touched on who we can expect to line-up against Buddy.

  • “We played with three tall backs last week with Darcy and Keane in there as well. We’ll definitely miss Roughy, he’s been a really strong key defender for us. We may be a little smaller than we’ve been in previous weeks, but we’re not too concerned as we believe we’ll have enough aerial support to get the ball to ground.”
  • “We won’t be Buddy centric, there’s a lot of other avenues that they have to score that we’ll need to be conscious of. Darcy’s going to find himself in Buddy’s area from some to some and visa-versa.”  

Kelly, Wilson, Bianco & Macrae are all progressing well
Bucks providing an update on the development of some of the younger Pies.

  • “Will Kelly is working away. He’s a young player that’s working his way through the VFL and has missed a lot of football through injury. He’ll be needing to put a block of work together before he gets a look at AFL.”
  • “Tom Wilson has been excellent. He’s played a little on the wing and down back for us and has definitely put himself around the mark.”
  • “Often one of the challenges that happens is that the midfielders at VFL level who find a fair bit of the ball struggle to get midfield time when they get up to the senior side. We’ve seen that with Fin... but he’s tracking well.”
  • “Bianco has played one game back and was exceptional. It was his first game for premiership points with COVID last year. Once again, he’s one that’s working under the radar, he’s got a lot of talent and will be a good player for us long term.”

Sier leaves training early
Brayden Sier left the track early during Thursday's main training session. 

  • “Sier has gone for scans. He wasn’t able to complete training which is never a good sign. When we have the medical report we'll be able to provide further information.”

Update on Howie and Greenwood
Bucks touched on the conditions of Jeremy Howe (Hamstring) and Levi Greenwood (concussion).

  • “That was disappointing for Howie and for us. When you look back at the incident, it was a fairly significant injury. There was a fair bit of structural change and the tendon hasn’t settled. The advice from the surgeon was to make some changes and be better after it.”
  • “Levi trained with us today and he’s been suffering effects ongoing and that’s lingered on for longer than he and we would hope for. Something that will be addressed week to week – he’s not playing this week.”

De Goey’s role up forward
After an outstanding six-goal performance against the Kangaroos, Bucks was asked about De Goey’s ongoing role in the forward line.

  • “If he’s going to kick six each week, I reckon we’ll leave him there. His intensity around the contest was great against North.”
  • “His influence and intensity around the contest was really good last week and he got rewarded on the scoreboard.”
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