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VWFL: The Magpies flying under the radar

Sam Gastin  June 13, 2018 9:00 AM

Collingwood's VWFL team prepare for a round four clash with St Kilda.

Collingwood's VWFL team prepare for a round four clash with St Kilda.

They’re the Collingwood team absolutely flying, but also flying under the radar.

The Magpies’ Victorian Wheelchair Football League team are on top of the ladder and this week face another undefeated team in Richmond.

It’s a mid-season clash which could go a long way to determining who will come out as clear favourites for the inaugural VWFL premiership.

Led by captain-coach Brendan Stroud, Collingwood have had a close win against Essendon and comprehensive victories over Hawthorn and St Kilda.

The win against the Saints featured a nine-goal performance from forward Richard Amon, while Stroud added five majors of his own.

Can the form be maintained against the Tigers? All will be decided when the first ball is bounced at the Boroondara Sports Complex at 11am this Sunday.  

Victorian Wheelchair Football League 2018

Results to date
Round 1: Collingwood 6.8 (44) def Essendon 5.2 (32)
Round 2: Collingwood 13.8 (86) def Hawthorn 3.4 (22)
Round 3: BYE
Round 4: Collingwood 14.8 (92) def St Kilda 5.5 (35)

Collingwood leading goal scorers
(13) Richard Amon
(9) Mark Walker
(5) Brendan Stroud
(4) Brett Newman
(2) Mark Mulcahy

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