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Sam Gastin  January 8, 2016 2:38 PM

Maroochydore: Magpies take to the surf Collingwood rookie Josh Smith discusses what it's like returning to his home state of Queensland, and details how he's experienced his first pre-season camp on day four at Maroochydore.

Collingwood’s five-day training camp on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has come to an end.

Described by High Performance Manager Bill Davoren as an opportunity to concentrate on building the football program, Collingwood’s list has been put through a number of skills, conditioning, strength and team-building exercises in Maroochydore.

The camp also provided the Magpies with the chance to connect with its loyal Queensland fan-base, as well as experience some of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular attractions.

In case you’ve missed any of the action-packed week, here is what you need to know about Collingwood’s 2016 pre-season training camp in Maroochydore.


“We flew out at 10.30 from Tullarmarine and got in around lunchtime. We had a quick feed here at the Novatel and Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast and then it was a pretty quick turnaround, we went in and had our first session for 2016.

It was a pretty standard footy session, but it was pretty hard at the same time. Billy Davoren fixed us up at the end with a nice running session too. From there we went straight to a nice little weights session as well.” – Nathan Brown

WATCH NOW - Magpies land in Maroochydore


“Day two we had another lovely day on the Sunshine Coast… We were up at 6 o’clock this morning to do boxing and running. We were split into a few little groups and got that out of the way. It went for about 40-minutes or so before we had breakfast.

Then we were straight in the gym, which was one of the hardest sessions we’ve done, it was two hours with probably an hour and ten minutes of weights and then a 40-minute circuit.” – Jack Frost

WATCH NOW - Maroochydore: Wet and Frosty


“The sun is beaming today which is good for a lot of the boys… everyone is just so welcoming. We had a civic reception last night and got to meet the mayor and a few of the leaders of the council. It’s really good, everyone’s really welcoming and there’s a big turnout for training today.” – Tyson Goldsack

WATCH NOW - Open training heats up

“We went to the Aqua Water Park in Coolum. I’ve never been there before or even heard of it. A lot of the boys were very keen to see what was in store for us. (There was) hundreds of metres of inflatable stuff and lots of challenges. The boys absolutely loved it. We had some free time at the end and some of the boys really strutted their stuff and enjoyed the afternoon. It was a good change-up from training after a hard morning in the heat.” – Josh Smith


“On day four we woke up bright and early… the alarms went off at 5.30am for all the boys. We got on the bus and headed over to Noosa. It’s a beautiful spot here. A couple of the boys did some boxing and swimming, but the majority of the boys had a bit of a run around and saw the sights of Noosa which was really good.

It was a good little flush out in the morning and then we all had a swim in the beach just then which was really nice. It’s a busy morning, but we get the afternoon off to do some sightseeing around the coast.” – Josh Smith

WATCH NOW - Maroochydore: Magpies take to the beach


Today was the last day of the training camp. We had to be up pretty early and depart for the Maroochydore Multisports Complex again. The boys had a pretty big session today… It was pretty testing in the heat again.

After that we went straight into a weights session this afternoon. Everything had to be done pretty quickly before we came into Brisbane to fly back out." - Jeremy Howe