The Collingwood Football Club Archives Committee is a volunteer group that meets weekly. The group works to help preserve and celebrate the history and heritage of the Collingwood Football Club by:

  • managing and growing the club’s collection of memorabilia;
  • organising displays;
  • promoting the club’s history;
  • answering queries from members and the public; and
  • carrying out research.

If you would like to donate any items, or you have something you’d like to know more about, we’d love to hear from you. Equally, if you like to help out at the Archives, by all means get in touch.

Past Players

We’re always particularly keen to hear from former players or their families, whether with information about the player’s career or memorabilia relating to it. We can also provide advice on looking after any memorabilia you might have.

Support the work of the Archives

If you would like to support the work we do, especially in growing the collection, there are a number of ways you can help, including:

  • donating items;
  • volunteering your time/skills;
  • sponsoring a cabinet in the foyer;
  • buying items from us (we have a limited number of books, social club medallions and other collectables for sale from time to time. If you're interested, contact us);
  • attending our functions (sign up to the Magpie Faithful for more info).


P: 0408 948 156