Love the game, not the odds

We’re proud to be one of the 750+ sporting clubs across Victoria that says no to sports betting sponsorship.

While we’re rivals on the field, all 10 Victorian AFL clubs are united in our commitment to protect kids from the promotion of gambling in sport.

Sports betting is changing the way kids see sport. An average of 948 gambling ads were broadcast daily on free-to-air TV in Victoria in 2021. Five years ago, it was 374 ads.

The first generation to grow up with gambling advertising is now the largest group of sports bettors in Victoria. Research shows that young men aged 18–24 years make up almost a third of sports bettors in Victoria, and participation by young women is rising.

From TV ads to stadium signage to online ads, it’s no wonder kids don’t remember a time when sport was just sport and gambling wasn’t part of it.

We want to encourage young people to love the game, not the odds.

Be the coach for your kids and head to to take the Love the Game quiz today.