What's your nickname?

Either 'Ruba' or 'Slysh'. I get a mix of both. I don't think anyone actually knows how to pronounce my last name. I've been there five years and people are still trying to figure it out, so they just shorten it to 'Slysh'. 

Whose number did you wear on your back as a kid?

I always wore No.4 from Auskick until under 11s. It was one of the smallest sizes and I was tiny. It was weird, because I was a Fremantle supporter growing up, but I was obsessed with Daniel Kerr. I always said it was his number, but it was actually given to me because I was the smallest on the team at the time.

What hobbies did you pick up during isolation?

I got pretty fortunate, because I went back home to Western Australia during everything that went on. We only had a few weeks where I was staying inside. Dad wasn't super busy with work, so we were getting out and surfing heaps. I think he's spewing that work has picked up again, because he can't get out anymore. He's also spewing that I'm back here, because he's lost his surfing buddy. 

What's your most used phone app, excluding social media?

It's probably Spotify. I love my music and I've always got it playing, either in the apartment or in the car or wherever it is. It's either that or one of the surf report apps. I'm not ashamed to say I posted the Spotify 'Wrapped' thing on my Instagram. I know people are against that, but you know what? What else is it there for? All of my top-five songs were by the same artist, so you can see that I really branch out. They were all Spacey Jane, who are a Freo band. They're unreal. 

Which teammate would go far in MasterChef?

Not Brianna Davey. She's the fussiest and most plain eater ever. She can't have condiments. She gags at the thought of condiments on her food. Maddie Shevlin's had us over for dinner before and she actually did all right for herself. I reckon she'd go pretty well. Steph Chiocci would try and say that she'd go well, but I reckon 'Shev' would pip her. 

If you could be any other AFLW player for a day, who would it be and why?

Sarah Rowe, because she's got an eight-pack. That would be cool, you'd be able to grate some cheese on them. You'd also be able to check out Ireland and I've never been there. I wouldn't mind going over there and ruining her life for a little bit. 

Worst teammate on social media?

Mikala Cann. Boy, she is a shocker. She knows she's got the best rig in the team, her and Sarah Rowe are on par. We call her 'Tiny', because she acts like this big dog but she's actually skinny. She's shredded, but she's skinny. It's not just social media, but her phone background is a rig shot of herself. We dig into her for that one. We let her know about it. 

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist?

I'm pretty passionate about my Spotify playlists. I've got a full pre-game playlist, consisting of maybe 15 songs. It starts off with some feel-good tracks and a few from the good old days. I've got 'Walk of Life' by Dire Straits and 'Voulez-Vous' by Abba. It's a bit of a mix in there and that makes me feel good and real chatty. Then I move to the rap stuff, so I've got a bit of Travis Scott and Kanye West. Then it goes into the heavier stuff, just before we run out. That's like Macky Gee and the really gross house music. I've got it all planned out, depending on my mood leading into the game. 

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Who is the coach's pet and why?

Sarah Rowe. She's a sweet talker. She can talk her way out of absolutely anything. All of the girls would back me up on that. She's just a little smiling assassin, but she's actually the devil. 

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?

I'm actually really shy. No, that's a lie. It's probably that my original plan was to go and play college basketball. But then I had two fractured backs in one year and the colleges couldn't commit to an international player that had injuries. That's how footy took over for me. But it's panned out alright and it's worked out pretty well.