Christine Holgate

Board Member

Christine Holgate is the Chief Executive Officer of Toll Global Express and boasts over 20 years public board experience, including her appointment as Chair of the Board of the Australian-ASEAN Council by the Government in September 2015.

Ms Holgate was awarded the 2015 CEO of the Year by both The CEO Magazine and The CEO Institute, the first female to win the latter award.

“I first met Collingwood in 2003 just a couple of months after coming to Australia. Collingwood just gave me a huge sense of community and family,” the English-born Ms Holgate said.

“I hope I bring to the Board a different perspective, my background and skills are quite different. I run a big people company, so I hope to be able to bring some of those skills as well as being someone who is passionate about the club and someone really committed to the development of women.”