Past Player Welfare

In 2009 we established the Murray Weideman Past Player Welfare Fund, which aims to help our past players who are in need of financial support for medical treatment.

Some of our past players have fallen on difficult times over the years and are still suffering from injuries or illnesses from their playing days. We want our past players to receive the best possible medical treatment and not be delayed or restricted by finances.

For us it's an embodiment of our club mantra: Side by side we stick together.

We are currently working with a number of our past players and their families to ease the financial burden of medical treatment – treatment that they normally could not afford.

But we know there are more out there, so please let us know if you know of any of your teammates or other past players who need our support.

All our assistance is treated in strict confidence.

Many players gave their heart and soul to our great club, and we now have the opportunity to return the favour. We look after and support our own.

Please keep supporting the events and functions we run to financially support our welfare activities. Together with the support of the Football Club and our Welfare Fund Financial Members, the funds we raise help us to keep providing this vital assistance.