On Leigh Matthews' address

"I knew he was going to be down in Melbourne for the game last night so I organised it about three or four weeks ago, he said he hadn't presented in front of a group since he finished coaching."

"There was a lot of messaging around team first mentality and playing roles - probably nothing we haven't heard before but when it comes from his mouth it means a lot more.

"It was fantastic - our players had a small taste of what I was lucky enough to experience for a long time.

"I mentioned how grateful I was for my time (under Leigh), I'm not standing here today without Leigh's influence.

"He made me a better person and I'm looking forward to making sure I do the same with this group."

'Keeping an eye on the ball'

"Our group has had an ability this week to just keep an eye on the ball."

"We have game plans to master so we've put our energy into that and we've trained as good as we have all year."

"We're in the business of trying to get better and we want to keep educating our players to be better people in the community."

"I reached out to (Jordan De Goey) yesterday and I didn't hear back from him, hopefully he's in a good space."

"We have the resources around him - we are loving and supporting him in the best way we can."

On Jack Crisp

Crispy missed training on Friday due to personal reasons but will line up for the game on Sunday.

"Unfortunately he had some personal stuff that came up in the last 24 hours but he will be playing."

On Greater Western Sydney

"They are playing risk free footy, which is quite dangerous."

"They are a high corridor team and a high scoring team and we saw that last week against the Bulldogs, it was a really high scoring game."

"We are going to have to defend well, I think they've picked the strongest team they've had available for a long time so we have to be wary of that and bring our best footy."

On Brayden Maynard 150

"We're really excited to celebrate his milestone, he has a lot of highlights we will watch."

"He's an integral part of who we are and our DNA."

On Mason Cox citizenship

"I can safely say (the ceremony) was one of the more special things I've been part of."

"To see people from all sorts of backgrounds and disadvantage with incredible stories to be told, to stand there and be part of that... the joy in the room was really special."

"I couldn't help but get caught up in the emotion."

"Mason's story is fascinating and at some stage we will look back and admire the journey he's been on... I'm really proud of what he's been able to do."