Dianne Kaminski

I have been a member of the Collingwood Football Club for 24 years over 2 periods, with a gap when I became a mother of my two children.

I have sat in the outer, lined up to buy a meat pie - I've lived the life of a hard-core Collingwood supporter!

Whilst I am a passionate supporter of both Collingwood and football in general, my experience across cultural change is extensive. Having worked in both private and public sectors across Human Resource management, I have engaged with all levels of people to encourage and support positive cultures.

My passion is people! I work within multi-layered organisations, across all walks of life - one person at a time! I have been delighted to witness positive change in people that has impacted their professional and personal lives.

If I am trusted with your vote, my contribution to this Club will be my understanding of how to encourage a positive culture, to work within the layers of complexities that social media creates for our youth.  The enormous responsibility that sporting clubs have where they can mould and encourage our kids to grow and flourish is something I would be proud to contribute my experience to.

Theo George

Governance & Compliance structures need to be continually reviewed & improved to ensure that the integrity of the organization is always maintained. All organizational activities such as training, IT operations etc. are aligned in a way that it supports & advances the organizations overall goals & objectives.

The experience I’ve garnered in the last 30 years in business & life experiences stands me in good stead to make a substantial contribution along with fellow board members to the CFC in ensuring the good governance is always maintained.

When it comes to Risk & Finance, identifying, assessing & controlling threats & risks to the organization is not foreign to me as I fully understand the dynamics of what’s required in implementing robust frameworks that can help ensure that all risk management activities are aligned with CFC’s ultimate goals & objectives. Strategy & business planning implemented correctly will ultimately lead to better overall performance & competitive advantage.

Values of any organization a Paramount Management operations, strategy & culture in my view all fit together – Any organization that is serious about integrity with it’s values must lead by example & that example must be driven by board members that will ultimately trickle down to all the staff, playing group, supporters, members & the general public.

Christopher Macdonald

Dear Magpie Army,

My name is Chris, I'm 34 from Melbourne's inner north-west having grown up in nearby Woodend. I've been a Collingwood Football Club supporter since birth, a member for 20 years and Legends Member for 11 years. Like many of us the passion for the club runs in the family so far stretching 5 generations (6 if you count my dog Darcy).

Professionally working as an Area Manager for Hyundai I work with many businesses, suppliers and customers and with any organisation believe people are the key to future success. Academically I've completed a Bachelor of Business in Management (VU) and in recent years a Masters of Business Administration with distinction (RMIT).

My reason for nominating to the board is simple, members need a voice and greater connection with the club. We've got plenty of influence from the top end of town, but I feel we need representation from our broad member base when it comes to board representation.

I want to stand for making our amazing club a safe and supportive place for everyone to come, listening to members issues and continuing the legacy of Collingwood SIDE BY SIDE.

‘Floreat Pica’

Chris Macdonald
M: 0425 710 860

Amanda Cameron

I have been a Collingwood supporter all my life, a member for 18 years, a Woodsmen for 14 years and a member of our AFLW community.  I would be honoured to represent the members of the Collingwood Football Club on the board. I believe I would bring an independent voice, a voice that echoes the many everyday members of the club. 

My experience in working for a values based health service that places respect, accountability, diversity and equity at the forefront of all decision making has complemented my approach to life. I believe my strong values and experience will be an asset to the club and I can make a meaningful contribution to the board.



Sean Callanan

As a Collingwood member, I want to support the club to bring more premiership success. 

I believe my skillset and experience can help the club board connect, understand and engage our passionate supporter base to power our success. As a board member, my focus will always be on members first.  

I welcome first-time voters to this election, your vote shows your deep care for the club's future.  I voted for the first time last year. Opening up voting rights for more members across all teams will help build a better and bigger club. 

In my business Sports Geek, I present to boards how they can grow and connect with audiences via digital. I can bring that knowledge to the Pies board to help secure the next generation of Pies members. 

If you're reading this as a Collingwood fan but not a member, please sign up. It's the best! I look forward to joining in the Collingwood chant with you at the G next year. 

I want to be accountable and accessible to members, you can contact me via sean@seancallanan.com, call me on 0407 047 200 or meet me in the Ponsford. 

Kiriakos (Gary) Thomaidis

A lifelong Collingwood supporter, l would stand in the pocket at Vic Park, mesmerised by my black and white heroes and the roar of the Collingwood army. Today, l am blessed to be able to go to the football with my three children and watch them just as mesmerised as l was. There is nothing like the Collingwood army. 

Professionally, l have a strong business background, having spent the last 13 years successfully building and operating a construction and property development business. 

I am excited with the changes the club has made over the last 12 months. The board is well represented with very good people moving the club in the right direction. However, now more than ever, the board needs a person who is truly representative of the Collingwood members.

If elected, l will ensure the club remains absolutely focused on the reason we exist and why the Collingwood army turns up each week: to win premierships. I am passionate, have the skillset and the time and energy required to commit to the club as a board member and l am prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the club is relentless in its pursuit of winning premierships.

Constantine Frantzeskos

I love this Club like you do.
From being a kid at Victoria Park to recording the PieNight podcast to doing post-match interviews at The Club to developing Collingwood Forever, I’ve wanted our Club to give us pride and VICTORY.

Last year, I worked with many of you to take back our Club. We’ve brought back much pride.

But there’s still work to be done.
The Club needs to learn from the other sports giants around the planet to give a world-class fan experience, whether on the couch or in the stands. We still don’t have the best fan communications, our social media can be much better, and we are not using technology enough to WIN more games.

I am the MD and founder of PENSO, a digital consultancy, and MD of leading advertising agency AJF Partnership. I’m also Director of LaunchVic, Victoria’s start-up agency, and Advisory member of Swinburne University of Technology Innovation Precinct.

I work with some of the biggest companies in Australia, Asia and the Middle East to delight their customers with famous advertising and innovative digital strategy. I can’t wait to share this expertise with the Collingwood Football Club and WIN FLAGS.

Contact me: GoPies@frantzeskos.com

Matthew Ganley

I bring the following points of difference to the Collingwood Football Club Board:

  • A truly independent voice for the members free of any ties to existing tickets or factions;
  • I will make all decisions in the best interests of the Collingwood Football Club and its members free from any conflicts of interest;
  • I will always support our people even when the club faces overwhelming pressure from media identities with vested interests, often with an agenda against Collingwood. If there is a media pile on of one of our players, like we saw this year, I will not be swayed by any competing or conflicting interests to cast them aside. I will ensure we support the player and show them loyalty;
  • An emphasis on list management and drafting to ensure we get better compensation when we lose valued players, improve our strike rate in the early rounds of the draft and attract premium talent from other clubs; and
  • A pledge to be fully accessible to members.

The expertise I bring to the role includes:

  • Bachelor of laws/commerce at University of Melbourne;
  • Practicing lawyer for a leading technology services firm; and
  • Experience at a Big 4 professional services firm.

Sal Perna

I was born and bred in Collingwood, a life-long supporter, and a proud 20+ year Legends Member. I have an extensive career in integrity and governance roles and served on a number of Boards. My career includes 20 years in policing, serving twice in the Homicide Squad, receiving four Commendations, and reaching Commissioned Officer rank. My corporate and consulting experience includes people leadership, good governance, business and strategic planning, investigations, compliance and risk management.

In 2010 I was appointed as Victoria's first Racing Integrity Commissioner, overseeing the multi-billion dollar racing industry. I was re-appointed four times. I am currently a Board Member on the International Tennis Integrity Agency, the World Anti-Doping Agency Independent Ethics Board, National Basketball League Advisory Board and Tribunal Member of the National Sports Tribunal.

I am a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders, and was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours.

I'm passionate about the Pies and would bring a Member's perspective, along with independence, extensive sport, integrity and governance experience, and a 'fresh set of eyes' to the Board. 

Paul Tuddenham

I am fortunate to have been part of the Collingwood Football Club family my whole life and even more fortunate to have played a few games with our great club and be inducted into Collingwood’s Hall of Fame as part of the 1990 team. I am also President of CFC Past Players.

I believe that I can contribute to the Club’s long-term success and development in the following ways:

  • Assist with strategy, including improved player welfare, which is so important to our Club today and in the future.
  • Utilise my lifelong skills, experience and success as a property developer, with Freeholds/Leaseholds review and implementation of strategic plans, asset creation and development opportunities, including the AIA Centre and the MCG. Again, long-term value creation.
  • Assist Supporter and Coterie engagement based on existing strong relationships. 
  • Expand the past player welfare role to better support our past players (including recently our female past players)
  • Create improved and Club supported pathways for our current playing groups.
  • Utilise my business experience to compliment the strategic thinking and decision making of the Board.

I have the time, skills, insight, motivation, AFL experience and relationships to contribute to the continued success of the Collingwood Football Club.

Daniel Taft

I come from a family of four generations of Collingwood members. My late grandfather Eric’s parents were migrants to Australia, and their young boy shook the hand of the great Gordon Coventry. From this moment on, we have been a family of supporters and members for nearly 100 years.

After a childhood of weekends at Victoria Park and the MCG with Collingwood posters on my wall, I earned a PhD in Engineering and medical research, and have 13 years’ experience in senior management and running companies - at ASX-listed Kogan.com and at start-ups including my own Business Intelligence company dashlytix

These skills and adaptability can be of immense value to the Collingwood Football Club, in areas of analysis, process and growth, and above all, success.

Above business however, I am a caring father, a son, a husband, a junior basketball coach, a volunteer maths tutor, a listener, and an authentic person with a Collingwood soul. I would be honoured to serve Collingwood towards continued success, growth with our community, and to add another link in an ever stronger chain.