The Collingwood Wheelchair Team put the Collingwood Reclink Team through their paces earlier this week as they joined together for a combined training session at the nest.

Headed up by Collingwood Wheelchair captain Ben Jankovski and three of his teammates, the Collingwood Reclink Team learnt how to play wheelchair football with handball drills, chair techniques, speed races and target practice.

Channelling the Magpie ethos of ‘Side by Side’ the session also saw Collingwood players; Billy Frampton, Bobby Hill and Cooper Murley come down after their own training session to offer their skills and expertise.

Reclink Coach and YSAS Team Leader for the Western Region, Shane Williams noted, “The team really embraced the experience and was surprised by how challenging wheelchair footy is and the skill level required. The opportunity to meet with some of the new AFL recruits was incredible, they were all so humble and took the time to get to know our squad.”

Hosting the session at the AIA Vitality Centre, the Club’s official training facility, was a chance for the Magpie community teams to feel even more connected to the Club and rub shoulders with players in other Collingwood teams.

“It’s a highlight for our players connecting at the club and training at AIA is quite surreal. Our motto is ‘more than just footy’ and giving players experiences that put a smile on their faces is what we’re about. The vibe and culture at Collingwood Football Club is very positive and we’re looking forward to supporting the club from the stands in 2023.” - Shane Williams.

The Collingwood Reclink Team is currently in preseason, with trainings occurring at 10am every Wednesday morning at Vitoria Park and Collingwood’s Wheelchair Team is set to enter their first ever draft in the coming weeks.