Collingwood welcomed the US Ambassador to Australia, Arthur B. Culvahouse to the Holden Centre with Mason Cox giving him a guided tour of the facilities on Tuesday.

Ambassador Culvahouse formally started his new role in March and ever since arriving in Australia has been encouraged to meet the 211cm forward.

“He was famous before I arrived, everyone said you have to come out and meet Mason Cox,” Culvahouse explained. 

“He’s doing a better job as the ambassador for the United States that I am. 

“It’s been interesting, I’ve been meeting with a number of your elected officials and each one tries to slip their own jersey or hat into every photo. 

“But, I’ve been told all along that I need to barrack for Collingwood, and here I am.”

Cox discussed the journey from Texas to Collingwood, the game of Australian Rules Football and presented the ambassador with a Collingwood guernsey.

 “(I) gave him a bit of a tour of the place (Holden Centre), took him out to the footy ground and a bit of a show of Melbourne," Cox said.

“The US Consulate has been nice enough to invite me over there.

“So, once the season finishes I might head out there and stay at the US Consulate in Canberra which will be a pretty cool experience.”