Collingwood has locked in eight new jumper numbers for the 2021 AFL Women’s season.  

4 – Abbey Green

The ruck-forward will put on the number four for the Pies this season. The number was formerly worn by Sarah D’Arcy since the inaugural AFLW season.  

5 - Amelia Velardo

Drafted with pick 25, Velardo will put on the famous number five for the Magpies. She’ll become just the second custodian of the number which was previously worn by Emma Grant.

11 – Imogen Purcell

The cross-code rookie will be given number 11 which was previously worn by recent retiree Eliza Hynes as well as Helen Roden in the inaugural AFLW season. 

16 – Aliesha Newman

Newman will carry over the number 16, the same number she wore at the Demons. The number was previously worn by Katie Lynch for two seasons.  

19 – Bella Smith

The predominant rebounding defender will put on number 19 this coming season. The number has been worn since Georgie Parker in 2018 and 2019 and Louise Wotton in 2017.

20 – Joanna Lin

The reliable midfielder will wear number 20 which was previously worn by Kaila Bentvelzen in 2020 and Cecelia McIntosh in the league’s first three seasons.   

26 – Tarni Brown

Tarni Brown will wear the number 26 that was made famous by her father, Gavin Brown. The number hasn’t been worn since Tara Morgan in the first two AFLW seasons.  

40- Abbi Moloney

Joining the forward line in 2021, Moloney will be the Pies’ first AFLW player to put on the number 40. 

All re-contracted players have maintained their 2020 jumper numbers. 


1. Sharni Layton
2. Chloe Molloy
3. Brianna Davey
4. Abbey Green
5. Ameila Velardo
6. Jordyn Allen
7. Sarah Rowe
8. Brittany Bonnici
9. Alana Porter
10. Ash Brazill
11. Imogen Purcell
12. Stacey Livingstone
13. Jaimee Lambert
14. Aishling Sheridan
15. Erica Fowler
16. Aliesha Newman
17. Steph Chiocci
18. Ruby Schleicher
19. Bella Smith
20. Joanna Lin
21. Jordan Membrey
22. Sophie Casey
23. Lauren Butler
24. Sophie Alexander
25. Mikala Cann
26. Tarni Brown
35. Maddie Shevlin 
41. Kristy Stratton
50. Ebony O'Dea