Dear Members,

The period for eligible members to seek election to the board of the Collingwood Football Club closed at 5pm yesterday, Thursday November 4.

Current directors Christine Holgate and Neil Wilson are seeking re-election, whilst Peter Murphy has advised the Board he will not seek re-election.  We thank him for his wonderful service to the Club.

President Mark Korda and directors Jodie Sizer and Paul Licuria are not up for election. Jodie and Paul were elected for three years in 2021. Mark was elected for three years in 2020.

I can confirm that 11 eligible members have nominated and as such, with four vacancies, the election will be contested.

The election will concern a majority of the board – four of seven directors - and be decided by the vote of eligible members.

Voting members are those who hold a Legends, Club 5 or Social Club membership and are entitled to access all 11 of the club’s home games, or hold a membership that is designated as a Legends membership by the club during the home and away season.

Voting shall commence on November 19 and close on December 10, six days before the 2021 annual general meeting which will be held on December 16.

To safeguard the health of our members and staff the AGM will be held as a virtual meeting. A Notice of Meeting will be sent to members on Thursday, 25 November 2021, which will include instructions on how to join the meeting.

CorpVote has been engaged to conduct the election to ensure that candidates and members are provided with accurate and appropriate information and to ensure that the election process is fair and independent.

Detailed information on each candidate can be accessed below.

It is noted that current director, Neil Wilson, has nominated for the election. In the event he is elected a resolution will be put to the AGM to waive clause 25 (a) of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Candidates (in order of random draw conducted by CorpVote):

Jeffrey Browne

Sal Perna

Barry Carp

Amanda Cameron

Sean Callanan

Renee Roberts

Colin Moorhead

Christine Holgate (retiring director, seeking re-election)

Neil Wilson (retiring director, seeking re-election)

Mark Febbraio

Christopher MacDonald

Further information may be obtained from the Independent Returning Officer (Ken Dyer) by contacting the CorpVote customer service team on 1300 710 950.

In summary:

Voting by members opens      November 19

Voting by members closes      December 10

AGM                                     December 16

Mark Anderson
Collingwood Football Club