Scott Pendlebury will tell his younger teammates to embrace the hostility of an interstate finals crowd and feed off the notion of the Magpies embarking on a "mission" when they travel across the country to face West Coast. 

The Pies' captain, who along with Travis Varcoe has played in team-high 17 finals, lined up in two of their last three finals outside of Victoria. 

He was part of the Pies' thrilling extra-time semi-final win over West Coast at Subiaco in 2007, and then the following year when they beat Adelaide at Football Park in an elimination final. 

With Pendlebury one of just six players from the Pies' round 23 team that has played in a final, he knows they'll go in with a line-up immature in terms of finals experience compared to the Eagles. 

"It's unbelievable because it feels like it's just the people that fly over, it's sort of a mission, you fly in, try and get the result and then you fly out - it's a pretty cool feeling," the 30-year-old told AFL Media. 

"All the guys ask you about what it's like to play in a final when you travel, and you've got a hostile environment and to be prepared for it.

"We know it's going to be a hostile environment, I've played in some ripping finals where we've gone away and had some pretty memorable wins.

"We're looking forward to getting over there."

A young Scott Pendlebury was crucial in Collingwood's extra-time win over West Coast in 2007. Image: AFL Photos.

Pendlebury, Chris Mayne, Levi Greenwood, Steele Sidebottom and Varcoe are the Pies currently in the team to have played in previous finals. 

Tyson Goldsack is another but is not guaranteed to play after two VFL hit-outs following his March knee reconstruction, while fringe players Jarryd Blair and Alex Fasolo also have September experience. 

Pendlebury said he wouldn't make a big deal of their lack of experience this week, and would instead do his best to encourage his younger teammates to enjoy it but keep their feet on the ground at the same time.

"I think more so it's going to be important to reiterate to the young guys how we want to play, to just do the basics well," he said.

"We don't need to change anything now that it's finals, just keep doing what we do and it will work, don't go away from that no matter how loud the crowd is or what you think's happening, just come back to what we know and keep your focus on the game.

"In the build-up, be excited, use that youth and exuberance and bring that energy, and let's go over there and get the result."

A handful of older Pies – likely to include Pendlebury – and some taller members of the team will travel on Thursday to allow an extra night on the ground in Perth, with the others to follow on Friday. 

They'll train at Optus Stadium on Friday afternoon before they make a quick getaway on Saturday night, courtesy of the red-eye flight that lands in Melbourne at 5.20am on Sunday. 

Pendlebury said the harsh return time wouldn't be an issue, even if the Pies lost and had to play again the following weekend. 

"I've done the red-eye trip before when we beat West Coast in the extra-time final, we jumped on the red-eye to come back and played within six days and we lost that final to Geelong by five points," he said. 

"It will be no factor if we have to play again the following week or if we go and win … whatever it is, it certainly won't be a factor."

The Pies have a few selection decisions to make this week with Jeremy Howe set to return, Tyson Goldsack and Adam Treloar in contention, and Varcoe wanting to play at this stage but mourning the sudden passing of his sister last week. 

While plenty has been made about the players that could come in to strengthen the team, Pendlebury says he will be just as confident if their round 23 line-up remains the same. 

"I'm confident with every game we've come out with this year, regardless of who's in and who's out with names, I think the Collingwood brand has been really strong," he said.

"I'm not too concerned with who's out there, as long as there's 22 black and white jumpers … I'll back us against anyone."